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    [WTB][US] Basic GFX and some RAM

    Sup stinger608. How you been? How's the Crunching world? I miss the old days of a room full of rigs running 24/7 causing my A/C to run in the dead of winter. ;) as for RAM. I got 1 slot left. Running a dell that i bought online for a 100 bucks right now. Lol slow as hell! It does the job...
  2. blkhogan

    [WTB][US] Basic GFX and some RAM

    As the tittle reads.... Looking for a real basic decent GFX card (non-powered) and a stick of 4GB DDR3 RAM around 10600 speeds. Trying to limp along my current POS (see specs) for a few months. My on board GFX is checking out soon. I've been a long time member of TPU, but have been gone for...
  3. blkhogan

    Old Nerds Club (all welcome) with poll

    Turning 46 in march. Alzheimer has already set in. Who what? Where am I? I think I pooped myself.
  4. blkhogan

    Project: Diabolo

    I think the texture will blend very well when you uncover your windows and the other things that dont have any texture to them.
  5. blkhogan

    Project: Diabolo

    I like how you left the texture without a lot of modification. Cant wait to see the rest. :rockout:
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    Another "help me find a good mouse" thread

    I currently have the Gigabyte Ghost MX8000X. I really like it. If you have larger than normal hands and like the feel of a heavier mouse, its the one for you. Very accurate and the shift on the fly dpi is right there at your finger tip.
  7. blkhogan

    How do I stop tripping the circuit breaker.

    If you want to properly protect that new build in mid Sept. You might have to bite the bullet and get protection first. A new build is worthless if its burnt up. ;)
  8. blkhogan

    How do I stop tripping the circuit breaker.

    You shouldnt be drawing that much amperage. Not even close. A normal size breaker for rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms ect) is usually 15 to 20 amp. There has to be something else drawing from that curcuit, or the wire is loose at the breaker causing amperage to rise, or you have a weak breaker that...
  9. blkhogan

    Prepaid smartphones?

    Ive had a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy for a few months now. Very happy with it. Its all owned by Sprint anyway. I was tired of the constant price hikes with the contract phones. Actualy my payment drops next month $5. Im on the unlimited plan that drops every six months of payments.
  10. blkhogan

    HIS Intros HD 6970 IceQ Eyefinity RTS Graphics Card

    They may look like something a small retarded child on LSD would design. But every HIS IceQ Ive owned (3850, 3870, 4850) cooled very well. Never a heat problem.
  11. blkhogan

    Sapphire Intros Pure Platinum A75P Motherboard

    Nice looking board. Looks well layed out. So what! That has nothing to with this thread :slap:
  12. blkhogan

    Your PC ATM

    MMMMMMMMMMM...... Cheezeburger
  13. blkhogan

    Does spending soo much money on a HDMI cable make a huge difference?

    I bought a hand full of HDMI cables from a local thrift shop for $2, all but 1 work just perfectly. Actually using one right now with the monitor Im on. :)
  14. blkhogan

    AMD Graphics card vendor of choice?

    Usually Sapphire for me. They haven't let me down, so far.
  15. blkhogan

    Xfx hd6870

    Here is where mine runs 24/7. I just use trixx, easy to use and loads automaticly at startup.