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    iFixit Teardown Reveals The Reasons Behind Joystick Drift on PS5 Controllers

    Still not got a PS5 (out of choice rather than missing out), so i'm glad things like this are getting exposed already. Never quite understood the rush to be a first time buyer and run into all these issues, but it helps patient people like me. :) Hopefully Sony release a second version ASAP.
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    Dell Lists an AMD "Ryzen 7 5800" (non-X) Option

    Excellent, another AMD CPU you can't buy.
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    Toshiba Announces 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives

    Nice, and will still probably cost less than a 4TB SSD.
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    Sony Playstation 5 SoC Die Has Been Pictured

    Availability aside has this got any other issues? Have heard of annoying coin whine and possibly overheating, though not sure if that's widespread. I'll no doubt get a PS5 (when scalpers get bored of buying up the stock), past history has taught me that Sony do tend to update the systems a fair...
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    Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB SSD

    Booooooorrrrinnnggg. Come back when they start producing higher capacities at a more acceptable price. Anyone forking out north of £400 for 2TB is a nutter. Looks like we'll be using a small SSD as a boot drive and spinning rust for many more years to come. First company that breaks the...
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    Following Huawei, Xiaomi Added to US Blacklist For Alleged Chinese Military Ties

    Their idiocy affects everyone else around the globe too.
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    Following ASUS' Lead, EVGA and ZOTAC Increase NVIDIA RTX 30-series Pricing

    Buy an Xbox/PS5. Solved. Make the switch and force the GPU market into desperation.
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    NVIDIA Readies GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra: 12GB, ASUS TUF OC Pictured

    It would be nice if people weren't so thick and just left Nvidia to it. Don't buy their cards, they'll soon get the message.
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    Sony Sells 3.4 Million PlayStation 5 Units in First Month with 18 Million Target in 2021

    If Microsoft had any sense they'd combine the two. They don't need to be in the console war with SONY, their exclusives and studio's have ensured they've won that ever since the PS3, even with the bad launches and inferior consoles.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600H "Cezanne" Processor Benchmarked, Crushes Renoir in Single Core and Multi Core Performance

    Hopefully people can actually buy one... AMD have had several brilliant CPU's that they simple marketed woefully. The 3900, 3300x and the Renoir chips. Add to the ridiculous launch of the 5000 series, AMD could do so much better.
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    Mushkin Launches 8TB M.2 NVMe ALPHA Series SSD

    Much less than that. The prices of SSD's and NVME drives may have come down a lot since their initial launch but they've stagnated over the past few years. Aside from the odd deal on Black Friday, you're looking at having to pay £100 for just a 1TB, and the higher capacities tack a premium onto...
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    Gigabyte B550I AORUS Pro AX

    Quick question - what's the situation with the m.2/SATA ports - Can you have spinning rust drives connected and one m.2 (either top/bottom)? I'm sure I read somewhere on the ATX version of this board that the m.2 slot at the bottom also has to be NVME, which makes zero sense.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Landing in January at $999

    It's truly astonishing just how moronic the tech community is. Nvidia have been bumping up the price of their cards for a while now and through all the moaning and hysteria these cards fly off shelves. Doesn't even come down to money for me, it's the principle. One day people will learn - stop...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Overclocked to 5.90 GHz

    What exactly is the point of people overclocking with LN2? Beyond pointless.
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    Phison Readies Next-Gen E18 SSD Controller, Upward of 7.38 GB/s Sequential Transfers for Client Segment

    Who cares, I want bigger capacity at a more affordable price, not highest speed possible.