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    AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT

    I don't immediately understand why the Relative Performance at 4k (Page 32) shows the RTX 4080 at 114% of this. The sum of the red bars is slightly larger than the sum of the green bars on the graph at the bottom. Only one game (Civ VI) has the Nvidia card with an advantage of >14% over the 7900...
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    Quick Look: Creative Sound Blaster X1 Portable DAC/Amp

    This whole rebrand/ software lockout thing reminds me of how my six-month-old Creative webcam didn't get drivers for Windows Vista (until Microsoft themselves wrote some basic compatibility drivers a couple years later). In the meantime I had already bought a different brand webcam.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: XeSS vs. DLSS Comparison

    Will there be a follow-up article comparing XeSS on non-Intel vs Intel hardware? Supposedly (according to Intel's deep dive presentation on XeSS), Arc hardware-accelerated XeSS uses a more advanced upscaling model. I'm wondering if the result is noticeably better.
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    AMD Ryzen and Athlon 7020 "Mendocino" 6nm Processors Launched for Entry-level Notebooks

    Mendocino seems to be in the same generation as the semi-custom APU that powers Valve's Steamdeck, but with the GPU units pared down to save power/cost. Steamdeck APU: 4C/8T Zen 2 CPU, 8 CU RDNA2 GPU, LPDDR5 memory Mendocino: 4C/8T Zen 2 CPU, 2 CU RDNA2 GPU, LPDDR5 memory
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    Silicon Power Unveils DDR5 SO-DIMM Memory Upgrades for Laptops

    This press release is extremely misleading; it seems to imply that a drop-in upgrade of DDR4 modules is possible, instead of needing an entirely new platform. All of the advantages listed are also simply part of the DDR5 standard, not something unique to Silicon Power SODIMMs.
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    Arctic Confirms Cooler Compatibility with AMD Socket AM5

    So is this the first confirmation that the cooler mount holes will be the same for AM5 as for AM4? I haven't seen any previous announcement saying the same.
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    Lian Li O11 AIR MINI

    There's space for two 2.5''/3.5'' drives in the rear cage above the PSU, and another two drives on the removable side plates (where fans go on the non-air variant). Look at where the SATA SSD is installed in the test system. The plate that covers the cables only supports 2x 2.5'' drives.
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    AMD "Milan-X" Processor Could Use Stacked Dies with X3D Packaging Technology

    I remember seeing that image as part of a larger slide from this Anandtech article from last year. That article seemed to refer to that diagram as four compute chiplets and the stacks being HBM memory, similar to a CPU version of the Vega/Radeon VII GPU designs. Cooling an HBM stack is probably...
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    Angry Miao Launches AM HATSU Organically Shaped Wireless Split Ergo Keyboard

    Looks extremely similar to the Dactyl Manuform keyboard, but with an extra column of keys on each end. Which itself is a mashup of two keyboards, the Dactyl being an open-source two-piece re-implementation of the Kinesis Advantage, and the Manuform a re-thinking of the thumb cluster. I'm sure...
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    ARCTIC Expands Alpine Cooler Series

    System integrators likely buy these in bulk directly from Arctic, as well as trays of CPUs (with no included heatsinks) from AMD. Arctic is likely just diverting a few extra into retail boxes to maintain some shelf presence.
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    Arctic Announces the Space-Saving P12 Slim PWM PST Fan: 120mm, 15mm-thick

    Comparison of regular P12 vs slim P12, from the respective spec sheets: Product Arctic P12 Arctic P12 Slim (this product) Dimensions (mm) 120x120x25 120x120x15 (-40%) Airflow 56.3 CFM/95.65 m³/h 41.1 CFM/ 71.53 m³/h (-27%) RPM range 200-1800 300-2100 Static pressure...
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    AMD WRX80 Threadripper PRO Platform Breaks From OEM Shackles, ASUS WS WRX80 SAGE Spotted

    So what's the real differentiating factor between Threadripper Pro and Epyc at this point? 8-channel memory and 128 PCIe lanes were the differentiating factor between regular Threadripper (4 ch RAM, 64 PCIe lanes) and Epyc before, if I remember correctly. Why not just get an Epyc workstation...
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    Arctic Announces the Alpine 23 Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

    I'm pretty sure this is a product designed to be sold in bulk to system integrators who buy CPUs by the tray (so no included cooler) Arctic just decided to make up a retail package and price for something they were going to make a bunch of anyways.
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    Gigabyte B550M AORUS Pro

    Couple of typos I noticed, first page says ATX instead of micro-ATX in the specs table, and third page says 6 SATA ports below the picture of 4. The VRM temperatures were for overclocking with no forced airflow. I assume they'd drop a decent amount with either a tower cooler or inside a case...
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    Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 14 High Static Pressure Radiator Fan Now Available in Single Pack and 2-Fan Pack

    I'd almost forgotten about Thermaltake's Engine 27 CPU cooler until it appeared in that last image of this press release.