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    Noblechairs Working on Bethesda-licensed Gaming Chairs

    The chair will come with 16 times the padding!
  2. bobodori

    Monitor goes to standby and loses signal

    I also think it's the caps on the power supply board.Had similar problem with an old Samsung.Thankfully the repair is fairly easy if you have some soldering skills.But i don't think it's worth it
  3. bobodori

    M/B Crystal - full custom PC case build

    Wow,it's like tech porn!!!The case is looking great.
  4. bobodori

    i7 2600 + 1070 @ 1080P avg 50FPS in GTA V normal?

    Well,it was just a wild guess. :)
  5. bobodori

    i7 2600 + 1070 @ 1080P avg 50FPS in GTA V normal?

    Check if you have this update Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.
  6. bobodori

    i7 2600 + 1070 @ 1080P avg 50FPS in GTA V normal?

    Are you on Win7?
  7. bobodori

    Download Speed via Torrents are Crazy Slow

    Try in preferences tab on uTorrent,bittorrent,Protocol Encription to forced and untick "allow incoming legacy connections".If there is ISP throttling,that should fix it.
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    Origin PC Launches the Chronos SFF Gaming Desktop

    That side panel reminds me of something............
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    How can I convert only Audio from any video file??

    Avidemux,from Klite video conversion pack.I'ts free.
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    Missing Graphics Card after fix

    Had the same problem with my old lappy.Try forcing the driver If the show compatible hardware tab shows only Standart VGA adapter,untick and search for NVIDIA.
  11. bobodori

    Bootable USB with ISO - What am I missing?

    Just format the drive under windows 7 with NTFS file system and copy the files from the iso.
  12. bobodori

    Monitor is going black or distorted white randomly

    Sounds like capacitors on the LCD power supply board.If it's not in warranty,and you have some skills with the solderin iron,it's an easy fix.
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    WINNER!!! Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Giveaway

    I'm in!!!I love the witcher series!
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    USB not recognized problem

    My guess is the cable.Try connecting the phone to the pc and twist the cable thoughout the lenght to see if it makes difference.
  15. bobodori

    My PC restarts, What's the problems?

    Might sound silly,but maybe it's the power button jammed?! Open the case, boot the system,disconnect power and restart buttons from motherboard.