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    AMD Reportedly Preparing To Launch Zen 3 Ryzen Threadripper 5000 in August

    Yep. I'm hesitant to jump into 5000 series TR parts when DDR5 is around the corner, and we'd likely see a chipset refresh again.
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    AMD Updates StoreMI with Support for Threadripper Pro and SSD Partitions

    Does anyone really need what this offers, even on paper? SSDs are dirt cheap and the reason to stinge on any solid state for an OS has all but disappeared.
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    L-com Announces Optical HDMI, DP, and DVI Cables that can Transmit Across 100 Meters (110 Yards)

    They are initially quite expensive, however work out very cheap on longer runs as you don't need powered converters on either end. I have a 10m fibre optic DP lead which works wonders but it could easily be 10x as long and still operate at the same spec.
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    New in our Product Range - The HEATKILLER V-VGA Water Cooler, the Latest Revolution from WATERCOOL

    The release says a backplate is coming... I'd like one for the Trio X!
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Does Not Leverage SMT on AMD Ryzen, Lower Core-Count Variants take a Bigger Hit, Proof Included

    So, I wonder how many of you actually played the game before dropping your pants and dumping your opinion on every outlet you have available... (hint: my guess is very few) Onto some actual discussion on the topic: I made the modification to my exe and here is a sample scene. CPU is a 2950x...
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    Fortnite's New Performance Mode Significantly Boosts Performance on Low-End Hardware

    In a competitive title, I'm all for locking the graphics settings completely, especially when it comes to terrain and foliage modelling - people will just run the game in even more potato mode.
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    EK Water Blocks Launches MSI RTX 30-series SUPRIM and Gaming Trio Water Blocks

    Awesome, do it! I've pre-ordered an EK trio block and backplate to arrive in Jan; keen to get this card under water.
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    1 Hour Power Outage at Micron Manufacturing Plant Could Mean Increased DRAM Prices Throughout 2021

    Laughed whilst drinking, now it's everywhere. Haha.
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    EK Water Blocks Launches MSI RTX 30-series SUPRIM and Gaming Trio Water Blocks

    Better power delivery than other models, hopefully better chip binning as well.
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 457.51 WHQL Drivers

    Wow, these drivers are garbage. Hard pass.
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    Colorful Introduces iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V Liquid Cooled Graphics Card

    If they've contacted VRMs and mem with the coldplate, it shouldn't need a fan or ventilation on the card. This could be better than standard CLC cards with a fan for cooling the aforementioned as well...
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    Denuvo DRM Pricing Structure Specific to Crysis Remastered Leaked, over $100k for a Year

    The burden of proof lies with you. Telling people to shush when they've actually posted something backing claims is essentially admitting you were wrong, but without actually owning it - very cool!
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    Apple is Preparing its Own Search Engine

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    Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    In all honestly, the conclusion is odd. The review title of "Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis" indicates you'd be benchmarking performance, not providing a subjective piece of what you think of the game, spoilers included. :wtf: