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  • No worries, the competition doesn't start until next week so take your time. Also if you don't mind keeping it until the winner has been identified and you can ship directly to him using the airbill that I will send you.
    rough night, so I'm just getting up and about. Just wanted to let you know I saw this, and I will get those measurements, but its gonna be a little bit before my ass leaves this chair;)
    I actually just came on to remove the shinobi, I have to do some cables from them, and I bet they want it in their case...lol PM me so we can work it all out please?
    Just giving you "shit" bro nothing personal. I'll remove it. Although I did want that 600T (for the longest).
    Got a buddy in the market coming from a Thunderbird IIRC. He just needs one that works and might OC a lil bit, just something to learn on. Not positive its a done deal, he is ebay shopping as well, but let me know if you hear anything, please.
    Damn...It's like that huh:eek: How much would you normally pay for shipping for that baby?
    So come get some...lol

    Sorry man, mailers usually don't gain me anything, so I moved to straight sales. you found it anyways;) PM me with an offer I cant refuse:D
    hey man, you are replying to your own page, no wonder I never got the message :laugh:

    Send me your paypal info, i need to speak to you about the case and payment. PM please.

    As far as the block, yes it was the DD.
    Still looking for those screws for the block. Was it the DD that I sold you? I will set the case aside for you.
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