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    Chinese SMIC Ships 7 nm Chips, Reportedly Copied TSMC's Design

    That Tweet was probably written by Intel. They are the only Corp to really benefit from the $50B pkg deal.
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    Chinese SMIC Ships 7 nm Chips, Reportedly Copied TSMC's Design

    "....are two nodes ahead of the Chinese SMIC." Not for long.
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    The US CHIPS Act: Why Intel Supports It

    The Tech Sector with their hands out; no matter they made record profits. Any progress made in establishing or increasing chip production here in the US will be run right back off shore courtesy of the unions. Any investment in TSMC is an investment in China in the long run. I predict Taiwan...
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    SCUF Gaming Partners with Coca-Cola to Create Limited Edition Gaming Peripherals

    Will these peripherals teach me to hate myself?
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    TSMC Founder Says Growing Domestic US Chip Production is Wasteful and Expensive

    When Chang is flying the Red Chinese flag atop his plants, he'll quickly change his attitude. When MWIMB spent millions in Clarksville TN to start building a semiconductor plant, Red China dumped them on the market. Construction was halted and the property was eventually sold. The local state...
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    What was your first PC?

    Pentium 110(?) w/W95. The only browsers then were Explorer and Netscape. Netscape was not free. Most of my games were on 5.25" flippies. Not much later I gave it to my father when I built my own. Multistar, dBase IV, Wordperfect, Multimate, etc.
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    CD Projekt Halts All Digital & Physical Game Sales in Russia & Belarus

    I hope the world goes this insane when China takes Taiwan....
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    Total War: Warhammer III Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    The Grandson is playing WH III on my 5950x/RTX 3090 PC and it seems to run well. I've only just peered at it occasionally while speaking with him. The monitor is a 27" 4K 60hz.
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    Intel's Upcoming NUC 12 Extreme Specs Leak

    Not very forward looking, is it?
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    Alphacool Announces Eiswolf 2 AIO for RTX 3090 Founders Edition

    Will this fit the Dell version of the RTX 3090?
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    Taiwan Aims to Become Self-sufficient in Semiconductor Equipment

    Any investment in Taiwan is simply an investment that China will benefit from. If anyone thinks there is a chip shortage now, wait until China takes Taiwan while the world idly stands by. China will have the world by the testes.
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    Intel Said to be Considering Italy for European Chip Packaging Plant

    What company would set up operations in a country whose gov't changes hands every 18 months? This has to be a ploy to elicit better deals elsewhere.
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    CES Organizer Claims Chip Shortage, Not Covid is Keeping Exhibitors at Home

    Chip shortage? You haven't seen a chip shortage. Wait 'till China takes Taiwan. Then you will see a chip shortage. Dark days indeed....
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    Ryzen Owners: Is Alder Lake tempting enough to switch to Intel?

    I just bought into all AMD (5950x/6900xt) for the first time ever. Having looked (or listened) to the Intel reviews, I'll stay where I am at for a couple years. If I were coming from my older Intel chips it would be a different story. I'm happy with my build.
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    TSMC Wants Payment in Advance to Give Intel Access to 3 Nanometre Node

    Taiwan is not going to be autonomous much longer. Any "investment" there will belong to the Chinese in short order. The world depends on Taiwan's chips but will stand idly by as it is taken under China's "protective wing".