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    Antec Teases Enthusiast Community with Skeleton Chassis

    This thing looks awesome, I wonder how hard it will be to mount a 120x240 radiator to it.
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    Intel Q9300 Overclocking

    I have one right now on a DFI P35 @ 3.3 GHZ but I have not had much time to play with it yet, I am pretty sure I can get more out of it.
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    Hey Malware, IBM broke the petaflop barrier today, thought this would be news worthy...

    Hey Malware, IBM broke the petaflop barrier today, thought this would be news worthy... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/09/technology/09petaflops.html
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    World Community Grid: Like Folding, but with rice

    Hey Guys, I saw this and thought some other TPU people would be interested. http://money.cnn.com/2008/05/15/magazines/fortune/fortune500/Gunther_superrice.fortune/index.htm?cnn=yes The article talks about a project called World Community Grid. They use distributed computing similar to...
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    IBM Goes Watercooled with NextGen Energy-Efficient Supercomputer

    I just got a job with IBM in February and this is the system I have been working on.
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    Watercooling set up?

    I basically have the Danger Den Lovers kit and it has been working great for me. Does a great job keeping an over clocked core 2 and 2900pro cool. I have been using PC Ice for about a year now and I have not noticed any corrosion or anything like that. I have drained my loop and refilled it...
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    Is true quad core a marketing scam?

    hahaha PVT that was hilarious
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    8800gt $207.99

    I just ordered. I had a 3870 on backorder @ fry's for $240 or so, this card came out to $222 after tax. Now I have to get some ramsinks to use with my maze 4.
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    8800gt or HD 3870???

    fanboy much?
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    sapphire 3870 back in stock at the egg

    Sold out already :-( I ordered one from Fry's but it has been back ordered, I was hoping to get one of the new egg ones and cancel that backorder.
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    Nissan Develops Car That Dynamically Changes Exterior Paint Color

    EXACTLY what I thought haha
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    ATI Catalyst 7.10 Display Driver Released

    Should I uninstall 7.9 before installing these?
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    Antec Nine Hundred

    If you try at all to manage your cables, temps should be no problem. Even if you do a crappy job, you most likely will still have no problems. This thing moves a ton of air.
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    Antec Nine Hundred

    I have this case and I LOVE IT. I build computers often and this is one of my favorite cases I have ever used. I do not have to worry about temps at all. I a PC for friend and with the 900, a thermalright ultra-90 and a Q6600 overclocked to 3.4GHz his idle and load temps where barely above my...
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    Sapphire HD2900 Pro

    So I think I got the voltage adjustments to work with ATI tool. I played with the memory voltages a tiny bit and I can definitely push it further than I could before. I am pretty sure it is working because the riva tuner monitor confirms each step in voltage that I make. Does anyone know what...