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    Will a lower end GPU be of any benefit over my i7 integrated HD 4000?

    Go For RX 460, If you need help in installation come back and ask here, we will provide step by step information. XFX 2GB one is available for ~$90 after rebate on amazon & Gigabyte RX 460 4GB for ~$100 fits your small incremental upgrade of $100 max. Display Port>HDMI>DVI Prefer display...
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    8th Gen Core "Cannon Lake" Over 15% Faster Than Kaby Lake: Intel

    :laugh::peace: If Intel stays on current trend ,no one will be excited.
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    (Resolved) MSI RX480 8GB Gaming X Memory Issue

    Yeah,For Non-CPU intensive games RX480 mostly stay at 99% but Games like Astroneer runs very crappy on this config. Metro Series, Witcher series but they seem to work fine as they don't reach 4GB VRAM mark or go even near that. Metro Last Light Redux tested but stays at 1.3 GB of VRAM, 4GB RAM...
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    (Resolved) MSI RX480 8GB Gaming X Memory Issue

    @FreedomEclipse @Black.Raven I am waiting for Ryzen & will move to suitable components ASAP after launch to remove any bottleneck. Only Specific to Rise of Tomb Raider as no other game play will tend to fill up even 4GB of VRAM. ( I don't play GTA V so can't try with that.) Well i should...
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    (Resolved) MSI RX480 8GB Gaming X Memory Issue

    It is resolved. I did a clean install of windows and with Deus Ex Mankind Divided it went to ~6GB .However some soft i use still detect 4GB VRAM may be soft specific issue. Anyway VRAM works so thank you all for your assistance. Hi,I am having a bit trouble with my RX80. Its VRAM dips down...
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    TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year TPU! :lovetpu:
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    Advice on buying a new PSU in the $100 Range

    (Sorry for late reply) Even after adding all components mentioned above & considering 1060/480 as your supposed GPU 500W will be enough for you. Go for EVGA SuperNova 550/Corsair CX550 M /RM550 /Seasonic SSR 550/G550 according to brand preference. You will have to spend USD 40-60.
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    Advice on buying a new PSU in the $100 Range

    Are you planning for a Discreet GPU? ~500W will more than enough if you go for something like 1050/Ti etc (You can get away with Good 300W PSU also) Try EVGA 500B,Corsair CX500 will be fine for you.
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    Can a 300 Watt or 430 Watt Power Supply run a i3-4150 & GTX 750 Ti

    I never said that i meant from above statement that if power supply is enough CPU will not downclock & may perform to its level pf performance. You just misinterpreted it. An i3 will perform as i3, it will not be an i7 even with 1000W PSU. How ever it may not perform to i3 level in case of...
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    Can a 300 Watt or 430 Watt Power Supply run a i3-4150 & GTX 750 Ti

    I suggested him to go for higher PSU because he will be able to get full potential of his components & in case of future upgrades will have good PSU. In any case going for 430W or 500W PSU will be a safe bet than 300W. He also do not have 8-pin connector on 300W supply, it will work but just to...
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    Which one is better sapphire nitro 470 vs asus strix 470

    If you like Sapphire one Go for it ,you can always downclock a bit. GPU throttling/cut-off will be there in case of temperature reaching limits so frying is somewhat difficult if you ask. Mostly performance difference will be 2-5%, so you can ignore if you want to pick specific one.
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    Can a 300 Watt or 430 Watt Power Supply run a i3-4150 & GTX 750 Ti

    300W will not be enough if you want to use Graphic Card. Go for ~550W PSU if you haven't bought anything yet however 430W will serve your purpose if you have it with you. If you Tell us more about your Pc's Motherboard Model we may help better. For your processor 4-pin will be fine but as your...
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    EVGA Announces its GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Cards

    Also don't forget to mention 3GB VRAM. In my opinion only Normal and superclocked edition should be there at as SSC & FTW edition being more costly will negate any good of lower price and 3GB VRAM limit will be there also.
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    XFX Radeon RX 470 Double Dissipation Pictured

    Still, Awesome backplate and box.