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    Xbox Series X Elite Concept Rendered

    The refresh/sucessor will be called Series X (Mark) II. That is the whole point of calling it series. Look at the elite controller, the next gen they just called "Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2".
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    UL Announces 3DMark SSD Storage Benchmark

    You have a faster CPU. CPU and mem also matters a lot in game loding benchmarcks. Its a system benchmarck focused on storage.
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    G.SKILL Showcases DDR5-7000 CL40 Extreme Speed Memory

    We will see soon enough if DDR5 huge latencies are this bad to benchmarcks or not
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    Intel Core i9-12900K 36% Faster Than Stock in Maximum Turbo Power Mode

    the price says everything intel thinks about the 12900k. A bit faster than the 5900X and not as close to the 5950X. 36%+performance for 100%+ power? Sure no. If the little cores were as good as they say, they would do a 4P + 24E design with the same area.
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    Beauty Meets Brawn: Unleashing the New XPS Desktop

    An ugly box with a ton of proprietary and non user replaceble motherboard parts. Kudos Dell.
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    Samsung Working on Attracting more Foundry Customers by Improving Customer Structure and Process Node Breakthroughs

    I wasn't comment on you, your report is great. I'm sorry if my comment let you think otherwise. The naming shananigans is something even Intel adopted recently.
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    Samsung Working on Attracting more Foundry Customers by Improving Customer Structure and Process Node Breakthroughs

    The generous marketing. Samsumg 5nm = TSMC 7nm (if you disagreem please read the Anandtech Galaxy S21(s) reviews compatring), so the upcoming 4nm will probably compete with the older 5nm. The best thing for them is that TSMC cant service the demand. The #2 cant complain right now.
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    AAEON Unveils PICO-TGU4 Edge AI Board Powered by 11th Gen Core Processors

    With Two 2.5Gbe ports this would be a killer router even with pppoe, and very low power. I know how to use vlans, but there is no overhead with two ports. But this price is outch, you can by real tgl computers with it.
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    GPU Market Pricing Back in Uptrend, Shattering Expectations of Price Normalization

    Like Nvidia or AMD intel always shot their profts as high as possible, and since people is giving money for gpus as never before.. dont expect an Intel gpu to be less than 5% of the usual frame / money chart (that is true right now)
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G APU Die Shots Published

    You should test with locked cpu freqs. The mem speed and mem latency tests are very single cpu bound.
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    PassMark Software Previews DDR5 Support in MemTest86

    These numbers are VERY low. My TGL cpu with 2x8Gb 3200 R8Gb has 1680/444/189/42 for the caches and mem, this is probably due to very low clock speeds.
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    EK Announces ROG Crosshair VIII Formula Motherboard Waterblock Bridge

    Only if they refresh zen 3 to AM5, because zen 4 is Q1-22. Dont expect zen 4 this year, not even in servers
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    3DMark Updated with New CPU Benchmarks for Gamers and Overclockers

    Funny how a 7980XE at 5.2Ghz barely beats a stock 5950x in the 16 and Max thread test. At consuming 10x more power
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    Xbox Updates Its Lineup of Platform Exclusive Games: Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Starfield, and More

    You can hook up a mouse and keyboard to an Xbox console as well.
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    AI-Designed Microchips Now Outperform Human-Designed Ones

    And with better designed micro chips, you have more processing power to design better chips (with more stages designed by AIs) and iterate a lot in the same node