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    AMD Could Cut Prices of 2nd Gen Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Processors

    AMD's first response to Intel's 9th generation Core "Coffee Lake Refresh" processors could be that of 5-10% price-cuts of its Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" processors across the board, according to a pricing list compiled by Techspot. These cuts could see the company's Ryzen 7 2700X priced just below...
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    Intel 9th Gen LGA1151 Processors Support Up to 128GB of Memory

    Intel's 6-core "Coffee Lake" die was essentially a "Kaby Lake" die with two extra cores, and no physical changes to other components, such as iGPU or uncore. With its new 8-core "Coffee Lake" Refresh silicon, Intel has turned its attention to not just increasing the core-count, but also...
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    HyperX Ships 60 Million Memory Modules

    As HyperX begins shipping Cloud Mix , its first Bluetooth-enabled gaming and lifestyle headset this month, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. today announced that since its inception in 2002, it has shipped over 60 million memory modules, billions of bytes of memory. Chosen...
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    Sharkoon Announces Pure Steel RGB Minimalist Case

    With the PURE STEEL, Sharkoon Technologies introduces an ATX midi tower which puts individual creativity into the foreground. The spacious case catches the eye with its minimalist steel body and almost frameless side panel made of tempered glass. In combination with a power supply tunnel which...
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    MSI Working on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z

    MSI is working on its next-generation flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z (going by previous naming conventions for the Lightning). The card will be positioned above its current Gaming X Trio, as well as the liquid-cooled SeaHawk series, and it's possible there could be a...
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    TechPowerUp Releases GPU-Z 2.13.0

    TechPowerUp today released GPU-Z 2.13.0, our graphics subsystem information, monitoring, and diagnostic utility. Version 2.13.0 introduces fixes to some of the major bugs reported by our users. To begin with, it corrects missing fan-speed sensors for pre-Turing NVIDIA graphics processors running...
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    AMD "Zen" Does Support FMA4, Just Not Exposed

    33% higher throughput for the simple reason that you can pack 4 operands per instruction versus 3.
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    Intel Xeon W-3175X to Lack STIM, Retain Thermal Paste for IHS

    Soldered thermal interface material, or STIM, has been one of Intel's key feature-additions to its high-end 9th generation Core i7 and Core i9 processors. Besides higher clock-speeds, STIM is the only feature that sets its refreshed Core X 9000-series family apart from Core X 7000-series. STIM...
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    Rosewill Prism S500 Is a Horizontally Partitioned Case with Bottom Compartment Up Top

    Eons ago, when dinosaurs walked the Earth, ATX cases featured PSU bays above the motherboard tray, which found its rightful place below, so a PSU could breathe outside air from an intake vent, and direct it outside the case, instead of scooping up air from the motherboard's various hot...
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    GIGABYTE Intros DDR4 Memory Modules with Chunkier Heatspreaders

    GIGABYTE expanded its teething DDR4 memory lineup with a new 16 GB (2x 8 GB) dual-channel DDR4 memory kit, called simply "GIGABYTE Memory 2666MHz." These modules lack the Aorus branding featured on the company's very first DDR4 modules. You instead get 32 mm tall, 7 mm-thick modules with a...
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    AMD "Zen" Does Support FMA4, Just Not Exposed

    With its "Zen" CPU microarchitecture, AMD removed support for the FMA4 instruction-set, on paper. This, while retaining FMA3. Level1Techs discovered that "Zen" CPUs do support FMA4 instructions, even through the instruction-set is not exposed to the operating system. FMA, or fused multiply add...
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    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    They're all 1080p. Their justification is they're simulating a CPU-limited scenario.
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    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    They made no claims about 2800X.
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    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    Very likely. AMD is still at 105W TDP and has the freedom of increasing TDP headroom to 125W (it's not bound by some 95W MSDT "barrier" unlike Intel). So it could give Pinnacle Ridge >5.00 GHz boost+XFR clocks, a higher memory divider enabling DDR4-3600, and some other tweaks. I can confirm we...
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    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    Principled Technologies (PT), which Intel paid to obtain some very outrageous test results for its Core i9-9900K eight-core processor launch event test-results, revised its benchmark data by improving its testing methodology partially. Initial tests by the outfit comparing Core i9-9900K to the...