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    FarCry 6 and system requirements

    Any one else having strange performance issues? I've got hitching, freezing, audio losses. When it's not broken seeing a nice 120ish fps though, so I guess that's nice.
  2. bubbleawsome

    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    Started getting random BSODs way more often than before. Starting to wonder if my RAM OC is not as stable as previously thought and it's messing with my tuner results.
  3. bubbleawsome

    Forza Horizon 5 and system requirements

    If I’m correct FH5 actually doesn’t feature ray tracing except in ‘carvista’ where you walk around the car in a showroom. It was implied the next forza Motorsport, featuring a new engine, will have the in-world ray tracing. jeez though, 3080 for no RTX?
  4. bubbleawsome

    HP Lists NVIDIA RTX 3080 SUPER in Upcoming Envy 34 PC

    They were for a little bit with the 10 series, but the RTX cards messed that up and we’re back to (usually unspecified) mobile variants.
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    That is some fantastic tuning or an awesome chip. Are those clocks seen during all-core loads, and is clock stretching not an issue on Zen3?
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    What are you playing?

    The absolute cheapest it's ever been is $30, not sure it'll go lower any time soon even on christmas sales since it's still getting constant updates. If you like colony management or storybuilding games at all it's probably one of the best out there fwiw.
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    What are you playing?

    Been playing RDR2 and Death Stranding recently. Threw in some Rimworld as well. All great games
  8. bubbleawsome

    ARCTIC Announces Liquid Freezer II 360 RGB/A-RGB Coolers

    For a 10850k wouldn’t you need 240mm or really prefer 360mm? I’ve got a 360mm freezer 2 on my 5900x and it’s perfect.
  9. bubbleawsome

    My retirement gift to myself

    For RAM with my 5900x I’m using Crucial Ballistix 3600c16 so I guess add that to the list of working ones.
  10. bubbleawsome

    MSI X570 Unify Stops Reporting CPU Temps

    This might've worked! It's only been up for about 6 hours right now, but nothing yet. Will update again later.
  11. bubbleawsome

    MSI X570 Unify Stops Reporting CPU Temps

    2. 7C35vA93, which is the latest beta for ComboPI, but the same issue happened with the latest stable version 7C35vA8 3. I have previously, but this happens currently at stock as well. 4. As far as I know, yes. Temps are normal under a rendering load (low 60s C) because the cooler is...
  12. bubbleawsome

    MSI X570 Unify Stops Reporting CPU Temps

    Hi all, I've got an x570 Unify causing some issues. If I leave it on for long amounts of time (especially to complete a render or similar) it stops responding to CPU temperature changes. After boot the POST code display usually shows the CPU temp, but once this happens it only reads 00 and all...
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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    I've had FH4 for a while now, from well before it was on steam. Gorgeous game, easy to get good frame rates on, and (imo) a really fun driving model. It uses a variation of their mainline Forza series model, so cars still move fairly realistically, but drifting at 250mph is also possible. Very...
  14. bubbleawsome

    Anime Nation

    Jujutsu kaisen is fantastic
  15. bubbleawsome

    Technical Issues - TPU Main Site & Forum (2021)

    Site was totally unreachable for me probably about an hour ago, not sure if it was only on my end but I could get to other sites fine.