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  • hello my friend , im just want join F@H but i want use my name under TPU group , can tell me how im very pleased to you
    hey Buck have you tried folding in Windows7 betas yet? I was thinking of folding on my girls rig, since she bearly uses the card!
    yep... took me a while to get the GPU clients running... was running into UNSTABLE_MACHINE but it turned out to be a tray client issue... now both GPU consoles running. It ran for 2 straight days and then rebooted so i lowered the E8500 a bit and bumped the core voltage and NB voltage trying to see if i can get it 100% stable for a week.
    hey man... sorry ive been MIA for so long with the folding... I went to a full WC set up and spilled antifreeze on one of my cards. Pretty spectacular actually. But now im gonna see if i can Fold 1,000,000 points at 11-16K ppd withour rebooting :D.
    I don't know yet. Too soon to tell. Nvidia has the resouces and can accomplish anything they put their mind too. Look at what they have done with CUDA. Physx will play a large role in future GPU development and I'm sure Nvidia will bring their "A" game. By the way, do you fold or are you interested in folding @ home?
    hey i know you dont know me, just want to ask if you think nvidia physx would be as good as agia physx
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