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    Upcoming Hardware Launches 2018 (Updated)

    Has this been a chicken and egg problem. I seem to remember PCIe revisions have always appeared on motherboards first.
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    AKiTiO Node Duo is an External Graphics Box with Room for Two

    Makes sense. Apple users are know to pick form over function, so this works best for them. Joking aside, who knows what arcane workflow this thing is supposed to enable.
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    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    They work on the Android version of Firefox ;)
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    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    Watch Youtube in the browser, like a sane person would. Then you can use your adblocker of choice. Hell, you can even use NoScript.
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    Upcoming Hardware Launches 2018 (Updated)

    @W1zzard Would you consider organizing this list by month or quarter? The way it is right now, it's really hard to see which launches are imminent and which are in wishful thinking state. Which is really, the only purpose of this list, right?
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    iKBC CD108 BT Keyboard

    Pricey. You're not going to use it for both USB and BT. So whichever you choose, you're overpaying to have the other option. Maybe different SKUs would bring these down to a more sensible price? Of course, if you have several devices to control, then you need this. But how many of us really do?
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    If we forget they have been building integrated GPUs since forever and that they know best where their manufacturing stands, you are spot on :wtf:
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    Gainward Teases Reveal of New Graphics Card Products Set on August 20th

    They just stopped doing business in the US (Palit did, the Gainward brand never made it over there), but they're still alive and well in Europe.
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    i740 contradicts pretty much everything you just said. Just sayin'.
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    I understand that very well, but these are fabs we're talking about, not nuts and bolts factories. Fabs are simply not built within two years. They're not that easily extended either.
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    The process may be fine (well, it isn't, really, but it could get back on track by then), but have you heard about new fabs opening? If they make these themselves, they'll need to scale back production somewhere else. Well, it's not like they target a Jan 1 release. Or that additional delays...
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    A brilliant move. Start the marketing machine over a year before a product release, so by the time the release happens we're all bored to death of reading about it. On a more serious note, they must be confident their product won't impress on its own if they drag the marketing in so early (just...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X

    The answer is you can't. The cost of opportunity is the same for everyone.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX Overclocked to 5.955 GHz On All Cores

    Neah, it's just a slight omission. It's 5.9GHz on all overclocked cores :D
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    TechPowerUp Processor Survey Results: The Ryzen Effect is Real

    And way cheaper.