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    USB-IF Updates USB-C Standard to Support up to 240 Watt Power Delivery

    I really wish they wouldn't, USB-C is fragile, prone to damage, and overall a piss poor solution, just look at the modern dell docks, we've got a stack of broken ones at work that have a bust USB C cable, we've also got some perfectly good laptops we can't deploy because the USB-C port is to...
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    AMD Socket AM5 an LGA of 1,718 Pins with DDR5 and PCIe Gen 4

    AMD64 Onboard Memory Controller Single Die multi core Infinity Fabric
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    First DUAL CPU system - Project 6x6

    nah, i tested the GTX 570 in 2 other rigs with plenty strong enough PSU's its the video card, which is sad, but can't be fixed. this project is on hold atm though, medical issues with my wife have sent my funds in another way.
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    Is Bitcoin in trouble?

    It's only TAX free until the IRS notices and you get hit with a tax bill you can't possibly imagine, also moving more than 10k out of the country without declaring it is a felony, and the IRS is getting smarter at crypto, before long they will start requring crypto exchanges to report accounts...
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    The shortage drives me to Console

    It's not pathetic at all, I'm sorry you think so, but nothing beats playing doom on a real 486, or hearing the 98SE boot sound again. It's actually quite fun, there are millions of older games out there, most of them more fun and interesting to anything made in the last decade. But enjoy your...
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    The shortage drives me to Console

    Well enjoy, this shortage has been focusing on my Retro PC hobby, i can't get a new video card, so instead I'm buying old ones for retro rigs
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    So my wife picked herself out a Red Dragon K580, it came in today and I'm "borrowing it" to test it out, I quite like how it feels, not a big fan of the software but overall it feels nice, its a bit cramped compared to my old one, but its alot easier than the ONN brand i was using, and price...
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    that K55 looks quite nice, and honestly I have no issues with mechanical vs membrane, my G11 lasted me over a decade as a membrane keyboard, i dislike cheap membrane keyboards, which i think is where most people complain, they buy the cheap one they find at the store, or the amazon basic version...
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    Creative SoundBlaster users assemble!

    I might give it a test, I can easily throw windows 10 onto the Phenom II X4 rig running my OG X-Fi, but you got me all excited I thought we where gonna discuss Soundlbasters in general, and I was totally gonna show pictures of my AWE32 in my 486 lol
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Cynosa-Gaming-Keyboard-Spill-Resistant/dp/B08H8R75ZT/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=razer+keyboard&qid=1620928798&s=electronics&sr=1-14 Is what im leanings towards though, i see alot of mechanical keyboards on amazon but none by brands i've ever heard of I will say...
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    Macro keys no, I got this keyboard when new and never got around to programing the macro keys, the media keys yes, I use them all the time, and this walmart special has them with the FN key which i hate, i also like how spreadout it is As for mechanical, I have an OG blackwidow I use at work...
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    nah don't have that kinda time, use my computer for work also, looking at amazon to get one here tomorrow, just looking for general recomendations, i found the G11 very comfortable and I already miss its key layout Here is what my now dead G11 looks like, space isn't an issue I've got a big...
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    Keyboard recomendation under $50

    So my Logitech G11 finally bit the dust, I had that thing for a long time, but now im using a walmart keyboard and let's just say im not happy, what is a good keyboard under 50.
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    New Spectre Vulnerability Version Beats All Mitigations, Performance to Badly Degrade After the Fix

    It requires physical access to the machine, and if the bad guy has physical access nothing is secure anyway. This is why data centers use physical security also.
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    TSMC Employs AMD EPYC CPUs for Mission-Critical Manufacturing

    an unregulated currency used primarily for human trafficking, drug buys, arms smuggling, and ransom demands, what could go wrong. I'd like to see Crypto banned, and anyone holding the coins charged under RICO.