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    Unreal Engine 5 Demo to Require RTX 2070 SUPER GPU at Minimum for Smooth Gameplay

    "Smooth" is incorrect. You need a 2070S to even run the thing above a slideshow, and nothing was said about resolution. Jeez the misreporting on this demo is EPIC. So many people in denial about the changes coming...
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    AMD "Renoir" Successor is "Cézanne," Powered by "Zen 3" and RDNA2

    This was reported over two months ago, all of this:
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    Intel Core i7-10700F Cinebenched, Roughly Matches Ryzen 7 3700X

    It's a less efficient 3700X, launching 6-12 months after the 3700X, and for the same price at best as the 3800X (3800X is $300 at some stores now, and will be by the time this comes out). This is a complete joke lol.
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    Intel Ice Lake-SP and Cooper Lake-SP Details Leaked

    It seems you have no comprehension of what the word "leak," is. There are snapshots of emails with people working with (and at) Intel. That's literally not speculation. Frankly, I am tired of people being too stupid to comprehend the difference between "guessing" and "direct quotes." I mean...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Launch Trailer, Screenshots Drop

    These screenshots don't look any better than stuff I took on PS4 Pro...honestly, I am being genuine. Then again...no one should care. If there is some perverse reason you couldn't play this game until now, do yourself a favor and play it. It's the new gold standard in open world games. "It...
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    Intel Ice Lake-SP and Cooper Lake-SP Details Leaked

    10nm is supposed to get to "real" levels of yields next year according to leaks. Intel will have to prove it first for anyone to believe it by now, of course.
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    Playstation 5 to have Ray-tracing on a hardware level

    Just so you know - that 5700XT sold out quickly for a reason...it was clearly a better deal than that old 1080....
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    Playstation 5 to have Ray-tracing on a hardware level

    It's not as hard as you think to do both if you actually design the proper hardware.
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    Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

    Read This: https://medium.com/@mlhbdead/what-you-must-understand-first-before-you-can-truly-understand-bitcoin-498633e9a83c Also I recommend "The Little Bitcoin Book" on Amazon. If you aren't willing to put in the effort to read a little about something you say you think may be "big," then I...
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    AMD Makes Gains in GPU Shipments in Q2-2019: Jon Peddie Research

    Why do I even poke my head into this fanboy den anymore? LOL wow. This clown (1) says you will always be happier with Nvidia, and then (2) compares AMD to AIDS (and nvidia to the flu?!). Sorry I am just blown away by how logical and open-minded these arguments are... I love your sources...
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    AMD's Upcoming $750 Ryzen 9 3950X (16C, 32T) Shown Beating Intel's $2,000 i9-9980XE (18C, 36T)

    It's a blow to ALL of Intel's parts. I have noticed in my system (It is Intel) a performance regression over the past 12 months. That ~10% drop in my applications is actually VERY noticeable. What people don't seem to realize is that AMD is clearly still holding back some of their cards...
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    MSI CEO: AMD Plans to Stop Being the Value Alternative, X570 Motherboards to be Expensive

    Someone didn't watch the Zen 2 reveal. I change none of those predictions - I stand by them. It's also hilarious how you call my Zen 3 prediction wrong when it isn't 2021 yet. My lord this website has turned into an Intel fanboy party.... It is truly perplexing how bad some people's...
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    MSI CEO: AMD Plans to Stop Being the Value Alternative, X570 Motherboards to be Expensive

    Hopefully it is also a reality check to Intel Fanboys who called Infinity Fabric a "One Trick Pony" too..... Hahaha I am of course not holding my breath :rolleyes:
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    Yet Another Speculative Malfunction: Intel Reveals New Side-Channel Attack, Advises Disabling Hyper-Threading Below 8th, 9th Gen CPUs

    Yeah after all of the constant Security Vulnerabilities... you decided to buy Intel again. What a "smart" decision...