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Disabled since early 2006, became tired of staring at 4 walls & in pain and first out of need, then as a hobby, got into restoring computers. Later on, worked with a ministry whom collected, cleaned up & repaired (if needed) donated or found computers by the roadside, diving into closed office recycle dumpsters, wherever to find computers distribute to the needy.

Today, while that ministry has folded under unfortunate circumstances (heresy that led to less contributions), I still assist those in need locally at no charge other than for components, if these aren't on hand. Plus assist friends & relatives for donations/gifts (I don't accept 'income').

Also am getting more & more into system building, as part of my volunteer work, gained tons of experience from the total teardown, cleanup & replacing defective components. This proved to me that anyone technically (or mechanically) inclined can build a computer from scratch. However, it would take over 5 years of saving for my first all new build to become reality & was never distracted from that goal.

In essence, success doesn't come overnight, if one can save only $10/month (more is better), and don't touch it for any reason, within 3-5 years, there'll be plenty enough to build a well equipped PC. My motto is 'Don't give up'. good things comes to folks who keeps on shoveling.;-)

November 21
North Carolina, USA
Disabled Computer Hobbyist


Be a frugal spender with your money, in time you'll be able to build an outstanding rig as I did.:)


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