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  1. cauby

    Thermaltake Unveils Chaser MK-1 Gaming Chassis at CeBIT

    Definetly Isaac's helmet,they can't deny it.Just hope you won't find any necromorphs inside when installing the hardware on it. Other than that,it's a good looking case.
  2. cauby

    Koolance Intros High-Flow 120 mm, 184 CFM Fan

    Remember people,we're trying to cool computers here,not stoping global warming with these fans!
  3. cauby

    Radeon HD 6990 ''Antilles'' Graphics Card Pictured

    Hell,this looks like one of those old PS2 consoles with red stripes.
  4. cauby

    Antec Introduces the Six Hundred V2 Gaming PC Enclosure

    not only it looks ugly but it also looks a little bit cheap too me.
  5. cauby

    Active Media Products Debuts 22-Caliber Silver Bullet Shaped USB Flash Drive

    So,can i shoot that punny werewolf from Twilight with 8GB of data and kill him?Awesome! OT:I'm getting tired of those bullet/magazine shaped devices.Honestly,people need to come up with new ideas for the design of their products.
  6. cauby

    EVGA Readies Analog CPU Speed Meter

    so,would it break when this happens:
  7. cauby

    Gigabyte Readies New Motherboard Line for Overclockers

    Yo Gigabyte,Imma let you finish your presentations and all,but X58 is pretty much stagnated. I mean,they are all nice boards and all,but there are already dozens of boards designed for this.
  8. cauby

    Thermaltake Announces the Level 10 GT Case, Iconic Design Meets the Masses

    So,am I the only one who thinks this case actually looks good?Althoguh I'm skeptical with this "masses" thing,because the "masses" don't have U$700+ to spend on a case,so this will have to be waaayyy cheaper.
  9. cauby

    Eizo Intros its First 3D Monitor that Allows Naked Eye 3D Viewing

    man,i could hide two displays in that bezel.so ugly,but i guess it's necessary for the kind of technology they're selling
  10. cauby

    PowerColor Readies First Passive-Cooled HD 6850 Graphics Card

    that heatsink sure looks heavy.
  11. cauby

    NZXT Reveals the Sleeved LED Kit

    Are they already selling Christmas decorations????
  12. cauby

    Point of View, TGT Tuning Team Develop GTX 480 Ultra Charged TFC Graphics Card

    weren't they working on a water-cooled version with a higher overclock?
  13. cauby

    Zalman Announces the VF3000F VGA Cooler

    Ok Zalman,we get it:it's exclusive for Nvidia cards.But it odesn't justify using that weird green tone on the shroud.Just ughh.And isn't this cooler noisy as hell?It is the same used in the 480 AMP! edition that W1z reviewed.
  14. cauby

    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 460 iGame Graphics Card

    never heard of this brand before and yet they come up out of nowhere with one of the best desgins for a GTX460 I've seen so far.Now they only need to bench it against the PNV GTX460 Beast and see who comes out at the top.
  15. cauby

    Arctic Intros Accelero Xtreme Plus VGA Cooler, Supports GF100-based Graphics Cards

    the nicest thing about this is that you could buy one of the cheapest GTX 480 and replace the cooler with this one and you'd still pay less than if you bought a top card from EVGA or other brands,with possible better cooling performance.