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    PSU or mobo problem?

    thanks for the advice guys, I've started off with the easiest option leaving the psu off 30 secs, this seems to be improving things just not quite everytime. What i have found to work everytime is switch the PC off at the psu and then at the socket in the wall when im finished with it, next day...
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    PSU or mobo problem?

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice to try and figure out what's gone wrong with my pc and how to fix it. I've started having problems switching the pc on. the power button on the case does nothing so I've had to revert to using the on/off switch on the psu, it can sometimes take several flicks...
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    EK Introduces ASUS Maximus VI Impact AIO Water Cooling Solution

    Dont panic people!!!! EK have released both CSQ and non CSQ designs, TPU have only posted pics of the csq version!
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    EK Introduces EK-FC7970 Matrix Full Cover Water Block

    well done EK for getting back to what is beautifully pleasing on the eye while remaining cost effective for your self. Now hurry back to the drawing board and release some new tops for your 670 blocks so you can start selling a few, mainly to me :) Yes id buy the old...
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    EKWB Rolls Out Its First CAD/CAM/HPC Graphics Card Water Block

    this looks so much better than CSQ, hope they adopt this clean approach for future blocks
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    Cooler Master HAF-XB Chassis Detailed

    Yeh totally agree, alot of people love the haf tower cases and for good reason. I do hope in this shape, CM see the possible market potential as a HTPC case and make a future iteration thats a bit more subtle. I sadly doubt it will happen as thats not the market CM try to cater for so we'll...
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    Cooler Master HAF-XB Chassis Detailed

    I rly like the dimensions of this cube, would be excellent if they also made a more understated exterior, something that could sit in the front room and not look out of place as the watercooling potential seems great
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    AMD Announces Preliminary Third Quarter Results

    start putting sensible price tags on your gpu's and people might start buying them again. £300+ for a top end card is just ****ing insult to their customers intelligence. Do they really think we dont understand a simple price performance analysis. The performance barely increases gen to gen but...
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    ASUS Kicks Off GTX 670 Launch with DirectCu II TOP Model

    +1,000 Does anyone else get the feeling the 670's are about $150 overpriced and its only that fact the amd cards had so little improvement over the last gen, nvidia can quite easily get away with classing this as a flagship card.
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    NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 670 Short PCB Pictured Up Close

    I really, really hope the vrm on these cards can stand upto long term use and dont start become this cards achilles heel. Looks like I've finally found something groundbreaking and worthy of replacing my awesome gtx460's, shame they look like they have the double stacked dvi's though, still...
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    Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 Intel Z77 Express LGA 1155 Preview

    will you be re-visiting this one when you get a 1155 chip again, this is the one board I was interested in the z77 range until I saw the pcie slot arrangement :banghead: your preview's actually got me interested again
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    EA Posts Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer, Box Art

    thought crysis 2 had one of the more stronger single player campaigns for a fps game last year, which isnt really saying much i know. Multi was awful Horrible feeling they're rushing this one to market like EA do with everything so it will end up just a horrible shambles of console pretty...
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    ASUS Launches the Maximus V GENE Republic of Gamers Motherboard

    i guess asus have already tested for this but it seems to me that mpcie card would foul the case exhaust fan and possibly also foul some of the larger heat sink and fans. Hopefully asus have thought of that and it stuck up in the corner there for good reason, will be interesting to read the...
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    EVGA Announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper

    thats one piss poor excuse of a water block
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    Gigabyte's First Micro-ATX G1.Killer Motherboard Pictured

    had high hopes for this board but GB have seriously let me down. Sli/x-fire is ruled out, only 4 sata ports, no led debug, no power/reset switch and that vrm, they've just stuck a core3d chip on the z77 ud3 and cut it in half :shadedshu asrock or asus then as i doubt msi will bring a high...