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  1. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    @ linuxfueled & free-weezy Thanks guys, i appreciate it :)
  2. cerver

    [Case Gallery] HAF 932 Red Dragon MOD

    looks sick mate, 10/10
  3. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    thanks mate :)
  4. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    @zithe The radio parts that were inside were too badly damaged to be salvaged by a professional. That is why i got rid of them. the outside of the radio was in bad shape as well, so having refinished it and converted it into an updated radio/computer was the best choice i could have done with...
  5. cerver

    [Case Gallery] Karam's Woodbox

    10/10 IMO. Very nice job mate! Clean, great color choices, timeless look of the outside of the case and the external PSU was a very good move.
  6. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    thank you very much guys! Always glad to share and have people enjoy the work as much as i did :)
  7. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    To the voter that voted 5 Please post here and lend me your thoughts. I would like to know why a 5 was your opinion. I am curious to know what you would have done different. I am always open for suggestions :)
  8. cerver

    [Case Gallery] 1942 SPR

    thanks mate :):):)
  9. cerver

    [Case Gallery] Armor+ MX

    nice job mate. looks great! I would just throw some RAM slot protectors in the empty ram slots black or maybe UV blue, but other than that, very nice! 9/10
  10. cerver

    [Case Gallery] Motherboard side cooling

    All IMO, but....I would paint the case a color of your choice. Get some cable sleeving (heatshrink or flex - color of your choice) and some UV slot protectors for the empty slots. Other than that, nice job mate i gave 7/10
  11. cerver

    xbox (original) into microITX mod

    yep. the evolution mod allows play back of DVDs and use of EMU's like PS 1 and NES.
  12. cerver

    BioShock®2 Special Edition

    concur 100% i loved the 40's art deco period and all of the 50's architecture, cars and style. :toast:
  13. cerver

    l4d2 or borderlands

    Lfd2 100%
  14. cerver

    xbox (original) into microITX mod

    my box is already soft modded and can run EMU's and play DVD's without the dongle. Its more of a possible game/media center that i can put in my Den and do some drunk reminiscing with the guys on football Sundays :D I just want to do another project really :P, i got my first little one...
  15. cerver

    The most comfortable viewing size for monitor-on-the-desk poll!

    My desk is my entertainment system, i work from home 1 day per week and that is where i work from, the couch. :D But in your case, i voted 20", thats what i use at work and thats what i had before i moved my machine into my living room.