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    Thermaltake Pacific R1 Plus Memory Lighting a Smarter Alternative to Dummy Modules

    Rgb wifi routers from Netgear(XR500) Rgb speakers from creative/logi/razer Rgb headset stand from corsair Rgb headsets from various makers Rgb mousepads from CM, TT, etc... Rgb soundcard from creative
  2. Chaitanya

    Philips Announces the 276E8VJSB Monitor: 27", 4K, 10-bit IPS

    Also this is a 10bit(8bit+FRC) monitor which is a nice feature to have on entry level monitors. I would like to see good the calibration is out of the box and if furthur calibration is needed. I guess whinning idiots will complain about products aimed at a content creators just because its...
  3. Chaitanya

    Cooler Master Introduces the MasterCase H500M

    Wow seems like editors have a bad habit of posting randoms photos from interweb and dont know difference between MC series and H series of cases from CM. Those photos posted are for Mc500M case.
  4. Chaitanya

    Amd Ryzen refresh and X470 up for preorder.

    Just found that newegg has opened up preorders for Amd Ryzen refresh and X470 motherboards. All the specs and pictures are on respective product pages. https://m.newegg.com/ProductList/keywordsearch?keyword=Amd+x470 https://m.newegg.com/products/19-113-497
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    CTS-Labs Posts Ryzen Windows Credential Guard Bypass Proof-of-concept Video

    Tpu has dug itself into the hole to the point that they have no option but to cover this or else they will admit they were wrong in covering that 1st story without any research. Also its the first time I saw Wizzard come out so aggresively trying to defend his editor and had to write a...
  6. Chaitanya

    Help! Can't find what in looking for

    There is just one case that I could find on newegg that fits your needs. Plus its not too expensive and comes preinstalled with 4x120mm fans. All the HDD bays and SSD brackets are hidden out of sight. Has PSU shroud and fits ATX PSUs. Also rear panels can accept 140mm if you want to install it...
  7. Chaitanya

    Thermaltake Unveils View 37 RGB Edition and View 37 Riing Edition

    Just because a manufacturer has made provisions doesnt mean you have to populate all the available feature. Do watch hardwarecanuks review it help you get a clear idea of HDD cages.
  8. Chaitanya

    Thermaltake Unveils View 37 RGB Edition and View 37 Riing Edition

    Watch the review on hardwarecanucks, those 2.5"/3.5" trays fit behind the motherboard tray. Someone like Linus has more than 4 SSDs in RAID. Its just a provision made by TT and you can use those according to your personal setup.
  9. Chaitanya

    Samsung Introduces High-Density 6Gbps SATA SSD and 16Gb-64GB DDR4 RDIMM

    They were burned to smithereens in fire last week. On a aside note, seriously why those large capacity drives are so expensive when you can find good(Sandisk/WD 3D) 250GB Sata SSDs for under 80$.
  10. Chaitanya

    Initial AMD Technical Assessment of CTS Labs Research

    So chinese copied Russians when it came to spying using concrete. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thing_(listening_device) https://www.nytimes.com/1988/11/15/world/the-bugged-embassy-case-what-went-wrong.html If I remember correctly one of the reasons why NSA kept quite over Huawei...
  11. Chaitanya

    Intel's 8-core Mainstream Coffee Lake-S Processor Spotted in the Wild?

    Unless customer is willing to spend more than 1000$ there are very little benefits to going for Intel's castrated HEDT platform. For majority of consumer applications Quad channel memory is hardly useful. Also dont forget you need to spend 100$ or so if you want to do a NVME RAID which is even...
  12. Chaitanya

    Initial AMD Technical Assessment of CTS Labs Research

    Basically any chinese products will have backdoors whether its cellphone, router or any other electronic device capable of communicating over network. https://www.computerworlduk.com/security/security-backdoors-that-heped-kill-faith-in-security-3634220/...
  13. Chaitanya

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X & Ryzen 5 2600 Review Popped Up Ahead of Time

    Developing new architecture wont be cheap nor will it be quick. Amd took 4-5 years for Zen. Might be same time frame for Intel if they were to start last year would mean we are still stuck with Nehalem rehash for another 3-4 years atleast.
  14. Chaitanya

    Lite-On to Unveil Powerful New NVRAM Hybrid Solid-State Drive at OCP 2018

    There wont be much need for powerloss protection thanks to NVRAM(if its replacing the conventional RAM used for caching). Would really love to see some reviews of these drives.
  15. Chaitanya

    CTS-Labs Releases Masterkey Exploit Proof-of-Concept Video

    Its not just Anandtech, yesterday Gamersnexus also posted video about CTS avoiding/diverting answering questions(video was deleted from my comment by moderator). This whole ordeal is becoming more and more fishy as time is passing by.