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    Intel Core i5-10500

    Yup, I've seen that ASUS STRIX H470-I board, but it doesn't have TB3 which I need. It doesn't even have the header which I could work around with, sadly.
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    Intel Core i5-10500

    Thanks goes to AMD for forcing Intel to play a bit more fair this time around. If there was a cheap Z490/H470 ITX board with TB3, I’d probably drop this in there.
  3. Cheeseball

    AMD Shipped 553 Million GPUs Since 2013: Jon Peddie Research

    You also have to note that those numbers do include the low-end/budget GPUs, like the RX 560, which go into workstations and the like. The gaming and enthusiast cards are still a small portion of that percentage.
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    Intel Core i7-10700

    Corrected my reply above.
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    AMD "Sienna Cichlid" Could be "Big Navi"

    Yeah, I never really tinkered with my 2080 Super and I used to undervolt the RX 5700 XT when I was still on the mainline Adrenalin driver, but on Pro I leave it stock.
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    Intel Core i7-10700

    This one does seem to be a nice alternative for gaming, especially if you're not looking to overclock. The only problem is the memory limitation of the budget and mid-range motherboards as DDR4-2666 DDR4-2933 will hamper its overall performance. Most users won't be buying [expensive] Z-class...
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.32.0 Releases: Cutting-Edge New Features

    What 2080 Super OEM is that in your first screenshot?
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    Nightdive Studios Releases New System Shock Remake Demo

    At this point, all this is is a (major) graphical upgrade to their Enhanced Edition port. If this was really the intention, then I can accept it. However, I did download it thinking it would be like the original Doom (1993) to Doom (2006), which is why I feel it was disappointing.
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    Nightdive Studios Releases New System Shock Remake Demo

    Download and play the demo. The Enhanced Edition is better than this.
  10. Cheeseball

    Nightdive Studios Releases New System Shock Remake Demo

    Jesus this is sad. They simplified it too much.
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    Benchmarks Surface for AMD Ryzen 4700G, 4400G and 4200G Renoir APUs

    A 4400G with an updated 11 CU iGPU would’ve been the perfect HTPC/lightweight gaming PC.
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    Samsung Reveals Launch Info of Odyssey G7 and G9 QLED Monitors, Teams Up with T1

    Yeah, its Faker. :rockout: $4.6 million USD a year from prizes alone. Not sure from his sponsorships. I don't play League or SC2 anymore, but 400+ APM is no joke when an average competitive gamer pushes 300 or such.
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    NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL Driver

    There were graphics bugs in VALORANT? I did multiple 3 hour runs everyday this past week and I've been getting a consistent 165 Hz on both the 2080 Super and RX 5700 XT without any crashes.
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    id Software Clarifies Denuvo Technology Wasn't Responsible For Doom Eternal Issues Following Update 1

    There are players who cheat in BATTLEMODE? Why? It's not even a true deathmatch gametype (which is why it sucks compared to the classic).
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    AMD Releases APU + dGPU Combo Radeon Drivers for Dell G5 15 SE Notebooks

    @INSTG8R nailed it. Its not that I need it for higher-than-FullHD resolutions, but more for higher minimum FPS. I want minimum drops above 110 FPS when competing.