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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Doing all I can. If you'll see a Crystal Red C6 Corvette flying around your town, there's a good chance that was mine. Feel free to take it for a spin lol. I'll post around the forums as I get a chance. We should be good another day or two before this thing starts to make landfall here.
  2. Chicken Patty

    CPU stuck to the cooler? - Solved

    Yeah it did happen to me, and I spent about four hours trying to get the CPU back in the socket. Did you get things sorted out?
  3. Chicken Patty

    [WTB][US] Looking for a Ryzen 1600 or 1700

    BUMP for a great buyer :toast:
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    EA SUCKS. Everything about EA sucks.

    It's kinda how Supermarkets are. If they have something labeled with the wrong price they need to honor it. I don't know if there is anything concrete on that, but I've seen that happen personally. Same thing here. He knew he was past the refund period, but he decided to give it a go and the...
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    AMD Ryzen Discussion Thread.

    Still haven't updated the BIOS, but this was my first boot with the new RAM. I'll have to clock the FSB to get more though :(
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    Your PC ATM

  7. Chicken Patty

    The Return of The Ketchupy Avatar

    Hello all, Bit overdue for an update, but here it is. Long and busy night. Finally got around to installing the Cold Zero mid plate. Also got around to sleeving the front panel connectors, removing the ones I wasn't going to use, sleeving my pump wires, and more cable management. I got rid...
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    Crunchers Helping Crunchers

    Don't have any spare coolers on my end, sorry bud :(
  9. Chicken Patty

    Project Evolv mATX Ryzen 1700 Build

    Good attention to detail!
  10. Chicken Patty

    [WTB] DDR4 RAM for Ryzen PC

    Hello TPU, Looking to get some better RAM for my build. I'm looking for either a 16GB, or a 32GB kit. My current RAM is the GSKILL F4-2400C15D-16GFX. I am able to run it at 2666, but that's it. If you have anything you'd like to part with, let me know. Thanks. :toast:
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    Can't OC Ryzen 1600 at all

    id test your older CPU in the new build. If it overclock a it's the CPU, if it doesn't it's probably the RAM. Can't be the board because then it would've overclocked fine when you tested it on your other PC. What about the PSU? New, reused? Specs?
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    Project Evolv mATX Ryzen 1700 Build

    I'm in :toast:
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    Crunchers Helping Crunchers

    Hello TPU WCG members. I am going to sell my brand new, never used ASRock X370 Taichi motherboard. It was RMA'ed, and Newegg sent me a new board. If interested let me know, I'm offering it here to crunchers first before I put it on in the FS section. If no takers by later tonight, I'll post...
  14. Chicken Patty

    AMD Ryzen Discussion Thread.

    All that matters is that it's working. Congrats man! Now go enjoy it :toast: