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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Started back my rig for the winter (Summer was too hot, I don't have the AC going to my office). 3700x running 100% while not gaming. :rockout::rockout::rockout:
  2. ChristTheGreat

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition

    so, since I have issue with AMD Encoder (I don't run dual PC), I think my RX5700 will be replaced by a 3070/3080, when it's available... well, except if I can grab a 2070 super or 2080 for very cheap haha! still running 1080P 144fps, but could upgrade to a gsync or 1440p monitor! Great review...
  3. ChristTheGreat

    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    Is nanya chip quite rare these days?
  4. ChristTheGreat

    Asus ROG Strix x-470 f stuck on white led

    I reseat the cpu, not working. So I didn't want to, but I removed my 3600x from the server(by a chance), put a 350w psu, gt730, tested, and boom, it Works.. So, I have a dead cpu :( wow first time ever!
  5. ChristTheGreat

    Asus ROG Strix x-470 f stuck on white led

    There is no iGPU on a 3700x :/ so I can't use the onboard port for this.
  6. ChristTheGreat

    Asus ROG Strix x-470 f stuck on white led

    Hey guys! So my computer is giving me headache right now. Everything was working fine yesterday and this morning, no display: AMD 3700x stock 2x 16gb Corsair LPX 3200 Asus Strix x-470F @Version 5406 Asus ROG Strix RX5700 PSU Evga SN 750 g2 When I boot the computer, I am stuck at the white...
  7. ChristTheGreat

    Graphic Card sucking too much Juice from my UPS cant keep up. How to reduce Power Draw?

    This, I had a 2600x + GTX 1070, and while running 3dmark, wasn't more than 350w...
  8. ChristTheGreat

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    I think I have finally a good ryzen chip! 3700x, testing 4.1ghz @ 1.28v, looks solid. IBut I think my Strix x470-f report higher temp than other board. my 3600x was running 80C under prime95, 3700x 87C in a 26C ambiant room, fan at max. Anyway I don't do prime all day xD
  9. ChristTheGreat

    Asus Strix x470-F and Corsair LPX 3000, need some help setting RAM

    Hey guys, with the price going up of everything, I've been able to grab a pair ox 2x 16gb corsair LPX 32. Reason: I am upgrading to a 3700x, and seeling the my 1700 (3600x goes in my server). I have good luck with corsair LPX and the other (gskill) was way overprice and not in stock...
  10. ChristTheGreat

    Asus 5700xt Strix Adventures

    I remember, when I watercooled my gigabyte R290 OC, EK block and thermal pad, I needed to buy thicker pad, cause they wouldn't sqeeze with the block.
  11. ChristTheGreat

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Hehe here, its going to be hot. But electricity is not that expensive! Installed boinc into a vm on my server, so no host crash anymore ! 50% cpu usage of 6 core. That better than nothing!
  12. ChristTheGreat

    Why no one has the right to be angry at AMD with regards to AM4

    Actually, AM4 has 4 gen CPU supported right now. Bristol (Well, all serie in the A**) Summit (Ryzen 1000) Pinacle (ryzen 2000 and variant iGPU) Matisse (Ryzen 3000 and Variant iGPU) Still, 4 gen CPU on AM4, which is not bad at all. I would say we have to wait, maybe there is a reason why the...
  13. ChristTheGreat

    Why does AMD VCE cause major stutter in some games?

    Try OBS. This is what I see of offline recording. File are getting big, but quality is not bad at all. 1080p60 Note, AMD Encoder, is not as good as NVENC. If you are streaming, you should use CPU with a rescale to 720p. 6000kbps for AMD encoder (Using CBR) is not that great..
  14. ChristTheGreat

    Do you use a virtual machine?

    Having vm can be useful for: -using a big cpuvton run different services, without impacting the main OS. -test stuff that you don't want to install on computer -being able to restore a service without any downtime fornmost of other service (like web server crash, you restore without impacting...
  15. ChristTheGreat

    AMD B550 Chipset Detailed, It's Ready for Zen 3, Older AM4 Motherboards not Compatible

    Well, I'll grab a lower price 3700/3800/3900 , except if zen 3 is incredible. Inwant to swap my 1700 for my 3600x for faster IPC. Well, it will be the time to upgrade my Sister's computer