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    Alphacool Unveils the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A Water Block for AMD Big Navi

    about freaking time! I've been asking Alphacool for ages for this version since Alphacool costs a fraction of the price here (China) of what EK (import) costs... got fed up waiting and bought an EK acetal block for my 6800XT for $350 including all shipping and imports costs.... Where the...
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    Editorial CD Projekt Red Removes Critic Score Requirements for Developer Bonuses, and an Editor's Thoughts

    Hmmm a lot of fanboys here. I am a true Witcher fan. Played it from the first game all the way through. I respect CD Projekt a lot. They seem to be a very sympathetic game developer and have heart for gaming and customers. And yes the game has bugs (and no for me not really game breaking) But...
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    Alphacool Announces Eiszapfen Quick-Release Connectors and Terminals

    reliable. no leaking while connecting/disconnecting.
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    Alphacool Announces Eiszapfen Quick-Release Connectors and Terminals

    I bought these quick connects about half a year ago in China...
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    PSA: AMD's Graphics Driver will Eat One CPU Core when No Radeon Installed

    I'm so confused about the point of this issue.. why would you have the driver installed without a radeon card? Drama queen...
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.35.0 Released

    How are the developers of GPU-Z able to add the code for something that hasn't been released yet?
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    just ordered some g-skill 64gb RGB 3200mhz ram call me crazy

    I had something similar... but gave my GF my 3800X and 2070 Super. Then I got another 32gb edie kit for her... and it was so cheap $125 and performed superb that I got another one for myself next to the one I already had. 64GB overclocks fine to 3800cl16 (edie that is, bdie is heavier to run...
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 Ampere Pictured

    Thank you for sharing.
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    TSMC Ships its 1 Billionth 7nm Chip

    Ok here is me adding a little tiny bit to that.. and I'm a guy that runs 2 Ryzen 3000 rigs and looking to go all AMD when RDNA2 comes out because i'm a huge fan of what AMD is doing atm... BUT.. HOWEVER... Intel.. Old tech YES.. but no.. their 14nm is still competing head to head with AMDs...
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    rm850x or Seasonic Focus GX-850,

    The benefit of the Seasonic is that it's 2cm shorter. Which helps in confined spaces. I went with the RM850x and RM650x for my systems. Wished I put the Seasonic in one of them for more space in the bottom for Watercooling.
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    rm850x or Seasonic Focus GX-850,

    I got a RM650x and a RM850x just because availability and pricing for these units is better where I currently am (China). But I can confirm that the stock 24pin cable is very thick and rigid. It's not a very comfortable cable kit to work it. I think the Seasonic does better there. Other than...
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    And Now, a Cyberattack That Uses Fan Vibrations to Steal Data: Air-ViBeR

    People have too much time on their hands during quarantine. This is just ridiculous. I thought 1st of April had passed already.
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    Intel Core i7-10700K and i5-10600K Geekbenched, Inch Ahead of 3800X and 3600X

    My 3800X (NO PBO, NO MANUAL OC. STOCK VOLTAGE. Only memory OC): 6261 SC | 38377 MC. Seems like their benchmarking is flawed or the Geekbench version might be cherry picked to give Intel a slight favor. Wouldn't surprise me.
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    Idle BSODs on 3700x

    Raise VSOC LLC. Solved the exact same issue for me on 3 different boards. Highest or second highest is safe for VSOC. don't touch VCORE LLC. Also look for options as dummy load and current idle etc. and turn off power saving options in bios.
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    Your PC ATM

    Yeah I get it. My B450M Mortar MAX had something like that. And you are right on the performance also. I have the fastest 4.0 drive currently out and compared the loading times of things with my 860 EVO. And in games or windows it doesn't matter at all. The only times it mattered was loading...