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    X99: will it still be good when Skylake is here?

    Same here. Still running a x58 with my i7-920 @ 4.2Ghz. Hasn't been a real reason to upgrade for me since the most demanding thing I do is play games but I really! want to upgrade. Might do Skylake or Cannonlake or maybe even buy some cheaper i7 gen4 when the new stuff is out.
  2. Conti027

    i7 1st Gen

    I'm still rocking a i7-920 its clocked at 4.2ghz and I'll probably keep it for another year or two.
  3. Conti027

    TPU's Space Sims Appreciation Thread

    Got to play EVE Valkyrie and Enemy Starfighter at PAX last year. Both were tons of fun. Looking forward to both of those.
  4. Conti027

    Grand Theft Auto V Performance Analysis

    I'm guessing all advanced settings were off?
  5. Conti027

    New Gaming Keyboard

    I'd recommend just going in a Best Buy and trying them out. Pick the one you like and use it for a month and if you have a problem with it you could just return it. Being a 'gaming keyboard' means almost nothing. Pick what you want on a keyboard.
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    GTA 5 gets PC release date

    ..... @Easy Rhino...... sigh.....
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    any good complete c++ programming tutorial

    I've been dipping my toes in and out of programming and making games (a lot more then just programming) for the last year. I've also been to a few game jams and indie meet ups. Once I saw a few of the posts mention Python to start. I decided to go do the course on Codecademy and that right there...
  8. Conti027

    any good complete c++ programming tutorial

    I'd also recommend http://unity3d.com/learn/live-training Unity is definitely a great engine to start with but like Aquinus and others said. Your going to want to learn some C# before diving right into Unity. I would still recommend messing around in Unity while learning C# so you don't get...
  9. Conti027

    Giveaway: Far Cry 4

    Count me in. I'm excited to see open world co-op. The only thing missing from Farcry 3
  10. Conti027

    TPU's Space Sims Appreciation Thread

    If I didn't need it for a few other sim games I play, I'd sell it off. I'm not a big joystick fan. I think they are way overrated and they ruin immersion for me. I use pedals for my other axis (yaw/sometimes roll) Elite: Dangerous has a nice yaw into roll (or reverse) feature. I think it has 2...
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    TPU's Space Sims Appreciation Thread

    I pick my CH Stick and Throttle up for about $120 together. Keep an eye out sometimes you can find a really good deal.
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    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    This is what I think. They already use virtual joystick for the mouse. Same input as a joystick so naturally balanced. The problem is gimbaled weapons. I think they should take away gimbaled weapons for pilots and to use gimbaled weapons you need a gunner or a computer for the hornet. Same...
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    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    I'm not a fan that joystick got an artificial buff but I do really like the new target system.
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    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    I remember seeing something about having offline single player but as of now it only has online single player. From their Kickstarter, might be a bit outdated. "The galaxy for Elite: Dangerous is a shared universe maintained by a central server. All of the meta data for the galaxy is shared...
  15. Conti027

    TPU's Space Sims Appreciation Thread

    In Elite: Dangerous today I interdicted someone and ended up helping them hunt down some bounties since they had a hard time getting the kill in combat.