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    Phone Passwords

    I am on my 4th (simple) cell phone. I never had to have a password before. This latest (Orbic) is asking for a password in setting up the phone. I do NOT store anything (period!) on it, never have. It is a tracfone. If stolen, all they get is a short phone book & some minutes. I dont want or...
  2. cornemuse

    What display resolution are you using?

    Not listed: *1600x900* for my 27" samsung & acer 1280x720 for 24" sammy
  3. cornemuse

    Floppy discs

    I remember "Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures", 3 parts, on three 3½" 'floppys". Still have it around, somewheres.
  4. cornemuse

    Question About HDD Longevity

    Two WD 1 TB Blue 2½" hdds, would a 5400 rpm drive last longer than a 7200 rpm drive? I only need them for storage. Priced approximately the same. Copying data to a slower speed hdd, seems it would not make a difference how fast the drive is, as data is copied/burned at a lower speed anyways...
  5. cornemuse

    5v Power Supplies "Wall Warts!"

    I have quite a few of these 5v power supplies. The lower amp ones & the apple have usb plugs/sockets built in. I measured the voltage measurements/outputs on them. Which is to say under no load conditions. Most one amp, one + amps units show 5.4 - 5.6 volts. An 'apple' unit "on label" says...
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    An "Audiophile Grade" SSD—Yes, You Heard That Right

    Like X-files "I want to Believe"
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    monitor artifacts

    I always turn off my monitor when done, even turn it off when away from the computer for short periods. (make & eat lunch etc). I have 'power switch' consoles, a master sw & 5 others. When done for the day, I turn everything off! I even have a 'cat5' switch-box, only one comp can be online at a...
  8. cornemuse

    Bios and HDD's

    I bought this/these mobos 13-14 years ago. I've never had any issues till this week installing XP - XP-64 - even 7. Early on, I used IDE drives, (have not used IDE's in years, have a big box full of 'em somewheres) Also, it has never been an issue with either 2½ or 3½ hdd's, till now, even...
  9. cornemuse

    Bios and HDD's

    Another issue from yours truly! In one of my (many) computers, I want to install XP-64. Everything is/was fine with the original os. I removed the os hdd, "XP-32" (I have removable drive trays, so this is easy), & put in a new hdd. The bios will not recognize the new hdd. I even tried several...
  10. cornemuse

    Secondary monitor, office/gaming

    Few months ago I bought a acer nitro (27" tho) at Costco for $139.99. Totally happy with it, if 24" (or smaller) is as good, you should be happy.
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    Send Text Via Internet, Is It Safe?

    Just a bump:
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    Send Text Via Internet, Is It Safe?

    What are opinions on "BLU' brand smart phones? Their customer support seems on level with Sony = terrible. Just curious, , , ,
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    Mint or HDD Gone Bad on Me?

    I googled (actually duckduckgo'd! I like to plug them), there were a lotta returns about usb devices becoming 'locked' in/on/with Mint. Happened again. Thumb was 'Fat' not fat32, hmmm. with win machine I saved whole thumb drive to C, re-formatted thumb to fat32, set the drive image? (from orig...
  14. cornemuse

    Send Text Via Internet, Is It Safe?

    I have Tracfone not ATT, but thanks anyways!
  15. cornemuse

    Send Text Via Internet, Is It Safe?

    Another question. I have googled, well Duckduckgo'd about getting a wireless phone that plugs in the wall for power, (transfering my land line # to it) and being able to connect my various home phones to this 'base unit' as such. No matter how I word it, I cant get an answer, , , Anybody else...