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    Corsair 7000D Airflow

    Pretty much, yeah. With a few other features like more USB ports, a new controller, more HDD and cable routing space, and each case is hand massaged by Swiss engineers who are trained in various techniques. okay maybe not the last one.
  2. Corsair George

    Custom Cooled or Custom Styled - CORSAIR Launches 5000D RGB Hydro X Edition and 5000X RGB SIGNATURE SERIES Mid-Tower Cases

    It's not a radiator. The 5000D Hydro X edition has the new XD7 distribution plate unit in front. It combines a pump, reservoir, and some lighting effects. Looks like 3x fans from the front, but it's actually a 360mm distribution plate, with transparent fluid windows and whatnot. Easier to see...
  3. Corsair George

    Great Content by Design - CORSAIR Acquires Visuals by Impulse

    Jonnyguru is currently head of the PSU engineering team, he manages all PSU development.
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    For an Immaculate Build That Keeps its Cool - CORSAIR Launches Versatile 5000 Series of Mid-Tower Cases

    Honestly the 4000D Airflow is better than the 500R in every way. And I was the PM and designer of 500R. PSU cover, refined design, better cooling, easier cable routing, more AIO capability, and $70 cheaper than 500R. Only thing the 500R has on 4000D Airflow is more hard drive space for 3.5"...
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    For an Immaculate Build That Keeps its Cool - CORSAIR Launches Versatile 5000 Series of Mid-Tower Cases

    On the D and D airflow, the top panel looks like the front panel. And is removable. On the 5000X it's a piece of glass, like on 570X.
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    CORSAIR Launches TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock

    The Corsair One i200 does have TB3.
  7. Corsair George

    CORSAIR Launches 4000 Series of Mid-Tower Cases

    As the guy who designed those cases, first I'd like to say two things. 1) Thanks! I'm stoked people still remember the 500R and the C70. C70 was really ahead of its time. All metal construction, tool free everything, modular drive cages, up to ten 120mm fans.... dual 240mm rads. Love that thing...
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum White RGB DDR4-4000 MHz CL19 4x8 GB

    Every light is individually controllable in iCUE, you can turn off or on any lights you want.
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    Corsair Readies Hydro H100i Pro Cooler with Zero RPM Fan Mode

    Hey guys, just so everyone knows, the PRO series coolers have a few improvements over last gen, beyond just "fans that turn off". Here's the list: * Improved coldplate and pump that's significantly quieter. * Magnetic Levitation fans (ML) that have significantly reduced noise levels at...
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    Corsair Launches Obsidian 1000D Super-Tower PC Case

    That's something we're looking at doing on the website - custom bundles, you pick which fan (ML series? LL series? HD series? 120mm? 140mm?) you want....but that's a ways off for a couple reasons. We pulled the fans out of 1000D because feedback from the guys buying cases in this price range...
  11. Corsair George

    Corsair Launches Obsidian 1000D Super-Tower PC Case

    There's a huge gap between the front fans and glass. s well as It's pretty significant and doesn't affect intake. Also - for all you RGB haters you'll be pleased to know the fans are not included, so you can install whatever fans you want. There is, however, an included Commander Pro so you...
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    EagleTree Capital Buys CORSAIR Majority Share in $525 Million Transaction

    We actually do own a surprisingly large number of patents, and have a number of items pending.
  13. Corsair George

    Corsair Launches Three New Crystal and Carbide Series Cases

    Well, the code name for the 570X was "RADEON 9700 PRO" but we felt that was a bit too obvious.
  14. Corsair George

    Raidmax Readies the SIGMA Mid-tower Chassis

    Take a look at the new 460X - it's a 400C with tempered glass front and side. Also, you may be quite happy for Q4. We have a few more things to talk about.
  15. Corsair George

    Raidmax Readies the SIGMA Mid-tower Chassis

    While the SPEC-ALPHA isn't my personal taste, either, I designed it with the help of the customers who helped select different concepts. And now it's one of our best sellers. Sidenote - at the same time I designed that, I designed the 400C which is polar opposite on the "extreme" scale. I...