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    in a dilemma

    ASUS ROG MAXIMUS V FORMULA Z77 is the motherboard you are looking for. Its water-cooling ready, and it has everything anyone could possibly want. Here it is > http://www.sweclockers.com/image/red/2012/03/06/Formula.jpg?t=original&k=539b8f99 Note: it hasnt been released yet. They decided to...
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    MSI Z77 Series Mainboards Lead the Global March Towards 7 GHz

    Hmm, mind sharing why u dont like it? :twitch:
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    My first time build, would welcome comments before I purchase hardware!

    Strange, i honestly dont know... The read/write speeds according to the benchmarks is fine (around 100mb/sec), the seek time is horrible, and the smart attributes report the drive as OK, and its not old. Its been like this since i got it, and its the same still. But as soon as i try play a...
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    My first time build, would welcome comments before I purchase hardware!

    Tell that to my WD Green drive which even has 64mb cache... It can stutter sometimes, and when u try rewind or similar, it just stutters to hell , sometimes hard enough to cause VLC to crash, the search speed on the WD green is abyssmal, i cant describe how much i hate this drive, worst purchase...
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    My first time build, would welcome comments before I purchase hardware!

    I would not recommend getting the WD green drive unless ur gonna use it ONLY for storage, i feel its too slow and i would have picked anything else then the green drive. The OCZ agility3 is a solid choice and a nobrainer , it performs flawlessly, i got one myself, and many of my friends got...
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    Help me choose Thermal Paste

    Oh dear lord, so many answers i cant quote u all, that would make the reply post too large :D so im just gonna say this: I went with 2x different pastes actually, i went with the Noctua NT-H1 and the Thermalright Chillfactor3 (i really like'd the chillfactor3 the last time i used it, it did...
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    Help me choose Thermal Paste

    So i have been researching what thermal paste im gonna use in my new build (i5 2500k), i got these to choose from: Noctua NT-H1 EVGA Frostbite Arctic Cooling MX-4 Arctic Cooling Arctic MX-2 Arctic Cooling AS5 Arctic Céramique 2 Cooler Master Thermal Grease Nexus TMP-1000 Note: The cooler i...
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    Upgrade tips: AMD or Intel?

    Thanks everyone for ur answers :toast: I went with this setup: Intel i5 2500k MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3) Kingston Hyperx 1600mhz CL9 total cost for upgrade: 377euro :rockout: Waiting for the things to arrive, its like being a baby waiting for christmas presents, lol
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    4.5ghz i5-3570k ~ 4.9ghz 2500k Cinebench CPU Rendering

    Well, take cost into consideration. 2500k = 185euro (amazon) 3570k = 232euro (amazon) the price difference does not make up for the "gains" if u ask me.... there really is no gains almost, and the heat output is simply too high to achieve any gains at all unless its getting cooled with a...
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    Asus P8Z68-v lx + i5 2500k voltage can't be manually set

    Yup, this is normal, this board is not ment for overclocking, at all. Im sorry OP; but u should have researched this before u bought it
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    Upgrade tips: AMD or Intel?

    Thanks everyone! I was just finishing a thing in swtor for the rest of the night and checked back on the forum and i see that literally Everyone has recommended me the intel system . I love this forum , should check back more often :respect: but im busy doin :nutkick: to people in warzones on...
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    Upgrade tips: AMD or Intel?

    Yeah i agree, but i had to be sure, since i will be doin overclocking and i like saveing money, but maybe even with overclocking, the 2500k may be even more ahead with decent 4ghz+ overclock that i would put it to. More data to the graphics card = better fps in my brain, and fast cores achieves...
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    Upgrade tips: AMD or Intel?

    Hey everyone! Im in the thought about getting an upgrade in the upcoming month and i got a very limited budget. My budget cannot exceed 370euro. I want to be able to play SWTOR without dropping to the sub 30s fps in warzones as i do with my current setup. Im 80% sure that im getting...
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    Best gaming card for me?

    The thing is.... if OP already has money to buy new PSU and video card, then i cant see why not just save that money in a moneybox or something until the day he can buy an entire new pc instead. These days PC's are very very cheap, much cheaper then before. Upgrading the machine OP...
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    Do you think multi GPUs are worthy ?

    Well, remember the old times with 3dfx ? what about the 3dfx voodoo5 6000? 4 beastly gpus on same board... Times! In the future, with small enough manufactoring process: Totally doable! Looking forward to have 100x core card.