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    Use 3600X stock cooler or replace?

    I thought the stock cooler was "fine", and, never intended to overclock these CPUs as the gains seemed so minimal so as to be totally pointless, at least from seeing how little impact OC'ing gets you in benchmarks. But, the recent trend of my CPU fan to keep spinning up briefly, then slow down...
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    GIGABYTE Outs AORUS C700 Glass Full-Tower Chassis

    Good lord that's ugly!
  3. critofur

    GPU-Z RTX 3090 (and 3080) SRC voltage (Power plane source power) readings?

    I have a 3080 and recently started using GPU-Z and my PWR_SRC Voltage is at 12.0 V 95% or more of the time, very rarely going to 12.1 V. Whether under "desktop use" or gaming. Elementaler: I recommend undervolting by adjusting the voltage curve in AfterBurner - there are quite a few guides...
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    ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT Taichi X

    Well, unless companies like AMD and Nvidia are selling their "reference" cards at a loss, then, AIB makes could theoretically sell cards at a LOWER price, since they have fabrication advantages such as, they actually make the cards themselves, and volume of production/volume of sales.
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    Are you the Frick who was Thresh's clan mate?

    Are you the Frick who was Thresh's clan mate?
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    ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT Taichi X

    The $800 seems way out of line, unless AMD come up with something to equal Nvidia's DLSS 2.x in a future update?
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    I got my 5700XT for $300 and I'm currently running a 1440p @144Hz "gaming monitor". 95% of games are not significantly subjectively improved by upgrading to 3080, given this monitor. But, reviews had me convinced that Ray Tracing was finally worth having w/Cyberpunk 2077, and, I wanted to...
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    Urban Terror 4.0 released

    Urban Terror is still the best FPS game out there. Hopefully a new version 4.2 will be released this year :) :toast:
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    whats the best 1tb+ drive?

    I've had like 3/4 of my WD drives fail when the ~200GB size was the std. "large" size HD. I don't know if their reliability has improved since then, but, :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: they gave me so much grief. I do have a WD Raptor drive which has been running in my main system 24/7...
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    Urban Terror 4.0 released

    4.1 will be released soon (I think) and, while not as popular as mainstream commercial games have been, Urban Terror still seems to be alive. It is a remarkable demonstration of the power of marketing over content. So many games that pale in comparison to UrT have sold in large quantities...
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    Urban Terror 4.0 released

    HL2 Deathmatch is about the only other FPS game that I've enjoyed playing more than a few times since I tried Urban Terror. Other games look neat for a while but aren't that much fun for long. Urban Terror is the one I keep playing year after year because it's fun. The gameplay is what's...
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    Urban Terror 4.0 released

    The higher detail on the textures is nice, the new hit detection seems great. I don't like what they did to T-pike ~ they took away all the cool spots you could go to and the hiding places. Sad. Need maps with better/darker hiding places where you can actually hide, without having to...
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    Vista Has Killed My PC......

    Sweet, every message I see about how bad Vista sucks makes me happy. When I have to "upgrade" from XP it WON'T be Vista, I'll prob. switch to Linux, or something similar. Who wants to buy a version of the OS that's missing features (non "Ultimate") and the price for Ultimate is CRAZY! Go...
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    Urban Terror 4.0 released

    Urban Terror is the best game of all time (besides sex, maybe). :respect: If 4.0 is BETTER that will be f'ing amazing. :respect: :respect: :respect: Got my copy downloading at 520 KB/sec, 11:57 remaining... :cool: I was out this afternoon, I bet some of you bastards are already...
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    6600gt or 6800

    Well, for a while now I've had both an AGP system with a (all pipes unlocked) 6800 and a PCIe system with a 6600GT (PCIe). My "main" system, the one I use the most has the 6600GT and I haven't yet missed the performance of my 6800. So I have to say I can't regret having recomended 6600GT...