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  1. Cuzza

    Macintosh LC II Mod

    Crikey frickin heck Cuzza returns! 4 years since I did anything on this project. You know why? Kids is why. When I last posted in this thread I had none. Now I have three. Priorities huh. Anyway, I got out the drill, dremel again today and attacked the Mac. Check it out. Here is the system as...
  2. Cuzza

    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Kingpin Edition Launched

    600 Amps? That sounds completely ridiculous. Am I missing something? Also, hi everyone. This is my first post on TPU in 3 years or so.
  3. Cuzza

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card Pictured in Full

    Dude, you can't pair four of something. A pair is two.
  4. Cuzza

    Phenomenal: Phenom II X4 AGP rig

    AGP ftw! A few years ago I wanted to go GPU folding on my AGP board so I dug up a AGP 3850. Never got it to work. Haven't used AGP since. I will be watching with interest!
  5. Cuzza

    Macintosh LC II Mod

    OK, another minor update. 2 things: 1. RAM has arrived! Shiny Kingston DDR3 1600MHz. I was worried I might need low profile but regular memory fits. 2. I have cut out the back of the case for the plugs and connectors. Admittedly I could have used a backplate and all that but I wanted to leave...
  6. Cuzza

    Macintosh LC II Mod

    It's happening again!! OK update time: Thanks to the brilliant people at AlphaCity.co.nz and PBT Couriers, my board and CPU turned up about 6 hours after the order was processed... Frickin' outstanding. Anyway, here's a shot of the board and associated parts. Phew!! All running sweet on the...
  7. Cuzza

    cdawall's SG05-B redux

    OMG the cables they are burning my eyes!!! The rest is top shelf bro
  8. Cuzza

    ASUS TAICHI 21 Dual-Display Convertible Notebook Up For Pre-Order

    Two screens? can they operate simultaneously? Battleship!
  9. Cuzza

    Biostar Releases the A55MLV FM1 Motherboard

    Well, it is cheap, and it makes a lot of sense. If this was FM2 it would be a real winner.
  10. Cuzza

    TPU's F@H Team

    Yeah I probably should. But I've lost interest in GN. In fact I haven't posted there in about a year.
  11. Cuzza

    TPU's F@H Team

    My cat likes sitting on the desk above the folding rig. It's nice and warm just there. So thought I would caption him.
  12. Cuzza

    ECS Announces A85F2-A Deluxe Motherboard with FM2 Socket

    Are you saying that FM2 will be the only AMD socket?
  13. Cuzza

    ASUS ROG ZEUS Fuses LGA2011 Motherboard with Dual-GPU Graphics

    I like it. No stuffing around with add-in boards. How the hell is that heatsink going to keep two GPUs cool though??
  14. Cuzza

    ECS Announces A85F2-A Deluxe Motherboard with FM2 Socket

    Yeah, coming out in August. Nice to see the boards on their way to market, although I do not see the point of a APU board with dual PCI-e graphics. To me, FM2 should be about low power, ITX and micro-ATX systems Tri-fire? could you buy two low-to-mid-range cards and tri-fire them with the APU...
  15. Cuzza

    Macintosh LC II Mod

    Self explanatory really. Make sure you wait til the end. Takes 20 secs of so for the drive to load up, then eject itself on instruction from the OS. And yes, that is Rod Stewart playing in the background.