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    Global Shipments of VR Devices Should Reach 10.35 Million Units in 2023, Says TrendForce

    Where is the Reverb G3? C'mon HP. Better brightness and black levels with mini LED or mini OLED and either aspheric or pancake lesnses, please. FOV of the G2 V2 was ok but an improvement there too would be welcome.
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    DPVR E4 Announced with November Launch, Aims to Dominating the Consumer Market for Tethered PC VR Headsets

    I honestly don't see how this is worth it. This has no advantage over the Reverb G2 except for weight and an additional 30hz. Irrelevant. If this was mini LED with pancake or aspheric lenses, then you have my attention.
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Get their First Round of Price Cuts, 7950X at $574

    Now let's hope ATI's new cards do the same to NVIDIA's 4080s .. which apparently not selling well in brick and morter stores at their rediculous prices. They're in stock at many places, while the 4090 is not.
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    Intel Arc Graphics Game On Drivers Released

    With NVIDIA gouging customers so bad, let's hope Intel can get some marketshare on the lower end here and eventually be a real competitor lie ATI with leather jacket man, or their prices will keep getting worse.
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    Akasa Intros Cypher EB Unibody Aluminium Case for Intel NUC 12 Extreme

    Where the heck is all the ventilation?
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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2023

    Yup! NVIDIA needs a massive spanking for screwing over their customers like this for those crazy profits. The 4080 should have been $900, TOPS. ATI, please provide the massive spanking to leather jacket man this generation.
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    Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon AR2 Designed to Revolutionize AR Glasses

    I've been "VR'ing" for 4 years and can tell you she'll get motion sick whenever any movement is required (via thumbstick controller movement or simulated movement (like a rollercoaster, car sim, etc)) but 144hz "might" make those scenarios bearable (Valve Index). Otherwise, 90hz is perfectly...
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    Fractal Design Ridge

    The 80mm fans for the top don't take up nearly the whole width of the case. It would have been great if they made them 92 mm fan mounts up top instead, and in the front of the case in front of the GPU (as an option).Extend the perforation too.
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    Fractal Design Ridge

    Interesting case. Undervolting and MHz limiting modern CPUs for that clock speed / voltage sweet spot will surely play out well in this case. I wonder if some easy modding would allow a massive GPU to fit in there with the 140mm fans removed. NVIDIA founders editions that blow air right through...
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    NVIDIA Brings the Benefits of DirectStorage 1.1 to Vulkan Under its RTX-IO Brand

    What games were announced that support direct storage, thus far? Any?
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    Can Overheated/Throttled CPU (Seconds' worth) Be Damaged Where More VCORE is Now Needed, Permanantly?

    It was 100% stable. I'm sure. If there's no damage to it, there must have been a microcode update through Windows update or something that made it unstable.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Now Available, Starting $1200

    Glad I got my 3080ti for way under MSRP, when new cards were selling at their lowest (which is NOT now, sadly). The only reason I'd upgrade is to get full resolution (instead of 50% resolution scale) playing Assetto Corsa with rain and weather effects in VR on my Reverb G2 V2 at a constant...
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    Unreal Engine 5.1 Available with Updated Lumen, Nanite, and Virtual Shadow Maps

    Really looking forward to playing the 1st good UE5 game. Just started Red Dead Redemption 2 and while it's an inhouse game engine of Rockstar's, the landscape and nature-esqe graphics look phenomenal at 4K with balanced DLSS. It takes modern hardware to run it well.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition

    Glad I picked up my EVGA 3080ti for $820 on Newegg during a ridiculous sale they had months ago. Never saw one go that low again and NVIDIA must be keeping supply low on purpose to keep demand and prices high ... even the 30 series cards went up in price, which is ridiculous. Having a Samsung...
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    RTX 4090 & 53 Games: Core i9-13900K E-Cores Enabled vs Disabled

    What is the power consumption difference with the ecores enabled vs disabled in all these games?