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  • Cyberdruid the killer of harware with big arse guns lol posted in ur mouse killing vid. :laugh::toast:
    I keep thinking I will ahve time to screw with it. I'll let you know. I have the doman, the host, the website SW, just no time lol.

    Thanks. I've been stashing them all in a huge folder. When I get time to mount my website I'll be listing you as a main contributor :D
    Hey pard I decided to go the extra mile and I bought a domain and hosting and will be setting up a Viral Picture Blog just for people like us that cannot get enough.

    The Host is still building the database so it is parked. But when it comes up the URL is www.threadgrenade.com

    The plan is to amass a huge collection of the best viral pic from all the threads I frequent, upload them and have them easily searched by Google Image and easily accessed by the public at large.

    I'll also have a mini phpbb so that people can post up comments, images and links.

    I think it will be fun and I can't see why threadgrenade cannot compete with the likes of Evilmilk or w/e.

    PLus it gives me an excuse to look for more stuff :)
    Oh hey got some pics from Road America of a lot of nice cars and some vids of them coming out of the tunnel and around a turn.
    Been on vacation for the past week. One more to go and then I can get back to work. Getting a little bored.
    Sure can. But I use a step bit and get a cleaner hole. They are not cheap but last a long tiime and are quite versatile. Look for a good make like Greenlee.
    Hey quick question. I have never done a bit of modding on a PC before in my life. Im not even sure if you would consider this modding really though I guess you could. Anyway, I wanted to cut some holes in my PC case for cable management. I saw your thread over on overclock.net with the Armor you redid. Really nice stuff. Would I be able to use a hole saw to cut out the spots in an aluminum case AND a steel case?
    Was not here 5 minutes before I got pissed off again lol

    stole a lot of pics though :D

    good to hear from you both:)
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