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    Thunderbolt 5 Could Reach 80 Gbps According to Leaked Photo

    I think the difference is they don't want to require Optical cables. Doing 80Gbs/100/200/400 they could do over fiber but doing it over copper is way trickier. In network cards I pretty sure ethernet cards max out at 40gbs. 80 or higher are SFP+ or some other tech that support fiber...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT Unboxing

    Well I stand corrected on how common HDMI is. I never really looked at HDMI ports on monitors since at least till extremely recently with hdmi 2.1 was not a option I was interested in and did not realize that basically every monitor have them now. When I first switched to Displayport that...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT Unboxing

    I disagree. 3 DP monitors I think is a more common setup then a multiple HDMI input set up. I been running 3 DP monitors now for about 7 years (not the same 3 I have upgrade along the way). I would of rather then go the NVidia reference route of 3 DP and 1 HDMI since basically every VR...
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    EK Releases Water Blocks for Reference Design NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

    Just a warning, at the time this article was posted that was the list of compatible GPU Ekwb was showing but if you go there now the 2 Zotac models are no longer showing up on the compatible list for there reference design waterblock.
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    ASUSTOR Announces Lockerstor 10 Pro NAS with ECC Memory and Xeon Processor

    A little disappointing they did not go with dual 10Gbe and dual 2.5Gbe like the As6510T. Since 2014 I been running a As7010T which did not have 10Gbe out of box but supported adding a dual 10Gbe card which I did. I don't believe there any option on this nas for dual 10Gbe. This nas is sorta...
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    Editorial Intel Planning 14nm "Ozark Lake" 16-core Processor for Spring 2021

    I got a source these chips will especially be optimize for financial planners specializing in money laundering.
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    Half-Life: Alyx Officially Revealed, Will Release March 2020

    The artcle and interview says the exact opposite. It a VR only game.
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    Intel CFO Talks About 7nm Rollout, Delay in 10nm, Increased Competition from AMD

    Find me one source that shows that any of the companies that calling there process 7nm acturally using a 7nm anything in there transitors. It dont meant what you think it does in how every company with a fab uses the term.
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    Intel CFO Talks About 7nm Rollout, Delay in 10nm, Increased Competition from AMD

    Unfortunately this actually not the case. There are no standard rules for what 7nm or 5nm means when it comes to naming the process. Therefore it is partially driven by the marketing department. Figuring out actually performance between different processes is complicated and can be debated...
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    Intel "Tiger Lake" Supports PCIe Gen 4 and Features Xe Graphics, Phantom Canyon NUC Detailed

    I thought there was a few references to Tiger Lake being PCIe Gen 4 already and Sapphire Rapids coming after Tiger Lake being PCIe Gen 5. Never thought Intel would skip Gen 4 but rather it would only be only for one generation before moving to Gen 5 (assuming they don't run into issues like in...
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 419.67 Creator Ready Drivers

    On the other hand it more then likely it base on the same 419 branch the game ready drivers are based on. The process was likely optimize the the drivers for our newest architectures for the intended applications instead of games then remove support for the architecture we don't want to spend...
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    AMD Comments on FreeSync 2 HDR Controversy

    AMD certifies for FreeSync VESA certified for HDRxxx While there are over lap on requirements it is not completely. What they are saying is AMD Free Sync spec requirement for color gamut, max brightness and contrast ratio is higher then the VESA HDR400 requirements but lower then VESA...
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    Latest 4K 144 Hz Monitors use Blurry Chroma Subsampling

    I did not realize this was not common knowledge it was going to use 4:2:2 at 144hz. I am actually surprise if accurate that people getting 4:4:4 at 120hz. I saw this chart back in mid may that stated 98hz was the max you would get 4:4:4 at because of bandwidth limitation on the display port...
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    Microsoft Office 2019 Will Run on Windows 10, and Only Windows 10

    My understanding from reading else where that MS plan to stop supporting Office 2019 the same day they stop supporting Office 2016. I wonder if that a sign that Office 2019 will be the final one time pay version and after that office 365 will be the only option.
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    Intel Looking to Increase Capacities of 900P SSD, According to Official Document

    Two benefits of 900P I don't often see mention in these discussion is 1) The amount of free space on drive does not affect performance and more importantly in my eyes 2) Does not require garbage collection to work efficiently which means you will not see the same kinds of performance...