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    Ravaged - "Mad Max meets Battlefield"

    i played it for about 4-5 mins will give it more play later, really big maps, gameplay felt kinda clunky. almost reminded me of rage kinda atmosphere.might be a good game, was a bit rough to pick up right away and get into it. coming from a bf background.
  2. d3fct

    Just Cause 2 Multiplayer(MOD)

    aww, did i miss it? when i go to download page i see this --> We're very sorry, but there are no downloads available at this time!
  3. d3fct

    GTX 295 Problem

    try a slight underclock, then check for stabilty
  4. d3fct

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    n1, was waiting for that c4, thought u forgot.
  5. d3fct

    PunkBuster Fixes

    just randomly had an punkbuster error in bf3 the other day, something about a communication error with punkbuster. been playing this game since day one, tried to fix with pbsvc.exe, no go, tried uninstalling and reinstalling pb, still nothing. finally i right clicked bf3 in origin and chose to...
  6. d3fct

    Stay tuned for FarCry 3 reveal event !

    too true, i also thought that game fuckin sucked, beat it and uninstalled right away.
  7. d3fct

    logitech 3 d pro

    did u try?
  8. d3fct

    logitech 3 d pro

    i've been using my 3d pro since day one, if i remember correctly i had to delete all the joystick binds, and reconfigure them, also deleting keyboard and mouse binds that coincided with any joystick bind.
  9. d3fct

    Game starts lagging after 20-30 mins

    fixed for now, i think maybe your case is air restrictive. you shouldn't have to push the fan speed up, is what i'm getting at, now you need to address the overheating issue, why and what is causing it.
  10. d3fct

    Game starts lagging after 20-30 mins

    would think memory issue would artifact, could be wrong.
  11. d3fct

    Game starts lagging after 20-30 mins

    sounds like overheating, ive played that game for many hours and have beaten it without any issues, also with a 570. i would suggest installing something like afterburner, then crank up your fan to like 60% or so and play again, if its a heat issue this should clear it up. leaving you the task...
  12. d3fct

    The Official Stupidly Addictive Browser Games Thread

    thanks, that shit was real fun. :toast:
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    annoying mic monitor turtle beach px21

    doesn't seem to change anything anywhere.
  14. d3fct

    annoying mic monitor turtle beach px21

    no i have just the usb part plugged in didnt think that would matter, will try.
  15. d3fct

    annoying mic monitor turtle beach px21

    allready checked for that, it's not enabled. if i turn the mic off it mutes it, making it useless in ventrillo. thats just for the mic transmitting properties.