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    Gigabyte Preparing Passively Cooled AMD X570S Motherboards

    Surprise - B550 mATX boards are also at most avarage. Maybe MSI Mortar wi-fi is the exception, but still - only 5 usb A (and 2 of them are 2.0) and 1 usb C on the back...
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    Gigabyte Preparing Passively Cooled AMD X570S Motherboards

    It is fine, but not good enough. No usb c front header, no wifi, mediocre VRM and it's cooling... I still don't get why mATX didn't become the mainstream. Most of the people will be fine even with ITX boards (they just need 1 slot for GPU and nothing more), a few of them would need an...
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    Gigabyte Preparing Passively Cooled AMD X570S Motherboards

    And still no X570 mATX... How many years it will take for manufacturers to offer similar spectrum of AMD boards as the Intel-based ones?
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    Creative Announces Sound Blaster GC7 Gaming DAC and Amp

    Trust me - if a DJ designed it, it would have way more buttons and knobs... :)
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    Alphacool Unveils the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A Water Block for AMD Big Navi

    And did I ever comment on the materials used? No, just the colour - those silver bolts just make it look ridiculous.
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    Bitspower Unveils Classic-series Water Block for Galax RTX 3090 EX Gamer

    Finned backplate - me gusta. :D
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    Alphacool Unveils the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A Water Block for AMD Big Navi

    WTH is this? Polka dots edition? The acrylic version already looks bad cause of all the orings, but this? If those bolts were black, it would look so much better...
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    NZXT Rolls Out the N7 B550 Socket AM4 Motherboard

    I hope they upgraded both the VRM and it's cooling compared to their Z490 board. Also, the back I/O was poor, another thing to improve. Good to see wi-fi and USB C front header though.
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    Razer Crosses the USD 1 Billion Revenue Milestone and Turns Profitable in FY2020

    That's their imaginary HQ. Of similar quality as some of their products...
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    Samsung Demonstrates 256 Gb 3 nm MBCFET Chip at ISSCC 2021

    So, the 3nm - what size is it really? 12-15nm?
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    Sharkoon Announces RGB Slider White Case

    Maybe, cause when I see "Sharkoon" I read it out of habit "cheap piece of crap".
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    AMD is Preparing RDNA-Based Cryptomining GPU SKUs

    Let's just say it will be like that - what do You think will happen, when the demand is too high? They'll just start using normal chips. AMD already did it at least once, with Phenom II CPUs - they used defecive chips for Phenom II X3 CPUs, but when the production couldn't satisfy the demand...
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    Thermalright Intros Venomous Plus CPU Cooler

    Before I switched to custom LC, I always used Tr coolers - the only manufacturer going toe to toe with Noctua in terms of quality for years. I had SLK-947, SP-97, XP-120, HR-01...
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    Nicehash Ad on TPU main site

    Tell that to people with old PCs, that either wanted to change to something better to play newest games, or are just forced to buy a GPU cause of the failure of the previous one. Yeah, GPUs aren't a necessity, but playing games can be a hobby or even a passion for some, yet cause of mining they...
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    NVIDIA 90HX Crypto Mining Processor Based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

    nV said, that the will use defective GPUs, that couldn't work as a full-fledged graphics card. Let's just believe for a moment in that statement and the minig cards really will be made with those drop-outs. But what happens, when the demand is too high? They'll start using normal GPUs, just to...