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  1. damric

    Asetek Unveils Premium Performance Invicta Sim Racing Pedals

    I will check those out.
  2. damric

    Asetek Unveils Premium Performance Invicta Sim Racing Pedals

    What are some good newish racing games that will utilize these pedals to the fullest? My son is very much into this stuff. He's also looking for a good wheel.
  3. damric

    AMD to Bundle Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village with AMD-powered Prebuilt Gaming PCs

    I just looked through some of the systems and the prices are very asinine, costing more than my pickup truck is worth. I've been trying to get a 6800/xt reference card for MSRP for seemingly forever. I think the AIB cartel is fixing prices and suppressing available stock for gamers, similar to...
  4. damric

    Rare copy of The Legend of Zelda auction sets record with $870,000

    I seem to recall the batteries began to fail after about 5 years in my Zelda 1 and 2 games, at which point it became impossible to save game progress. Always thought the gold colored cartridges were cool, but much of that paint wore off from so much abuse.
  5. damric

    [WTB][US] GTX 465

    Yes the old Fermi card. It must be in good working condition. If you have the Golden Edition I'll pay extra. I also have more powerful graphics cards I am willing to trade.
  6. damric

    AMD's Latest Web-Store Drop Leaves Users in Anger Over a Broken Website

    The people complaining are trying to cheat the queue system with multiple browser windows, incognito modes, sandboxes, ect. You CAN use multiple computers in your home to get different queue IDs, but you can't use cheesy tricks. That worked the first week in the queue and they fixed that. You...
  7. damric

    R5 3600 All-core @4.2Ghz

    Whelp I guess mine is degraded too after running all-core for 2 years. Oh wait it isn't. People said this about every CPU ever.
  8. damric

    Any good for 980ti?

    That's actually pretty tidy cable and tube management considering how little space you are working with. I have found good use of old unused stock CPU fans for cooling backs of video cards, RAM, VRMs, whatever. I had a ton of wraith stealth fans especially. I kind of just zip tie them in or...
  9. damric

    TPU Forum Rewards, Looking for Feedback

    This sounds like a very fun idea, and I would probably post here more often. I can see some people getting butt-hurt and perhaps more moderators needed, but that's all part of having a good forum.
  10. damric

    EK and MSI Collaborate on X570S Gaming Carbon EK-X Motherboard

    I don't remember exactly. I remember snagging it and putting together the loop a few months later.
  11. damric

    EK and MSI Collaborate on X570S Gaming Carbon EK-X Motherboard

    That price... I bought my Taichi monoblock from EK for about $80 if recall. I guess the flow indicator is worth $500 :p
  12. damric

    Intel Shows Off AAA Gaming Capabilities of Intel Arc "Alchemist" GPU

    I wonder which players from the AIB cartel will have their hooks in these.
  13. damric

    GIGABYTE Releases Statement on GP-P850GM & GP-P750GM PSUs

    Should have used a LEADEX
  14. damric

    Any good for 980ti?

    It's been folding protein for months on end overclocked to 1200MHz core (stock 860). It stays a handful of degrees above water temp, which stays a couple degrees above ambient.