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    Apex Legends is good actually

    The apex hype train has been rolling pretty consistently since launch and as someone who has played a stupid amount of PUBG and Fortnite i definitely feel apex is more polished on a number of levels. The gunplay is actually very good and feels much more consistent than other games and...
  2. Darkleoco

    Battlefield V runnin 100-130 fps on ultra on Msi geforce gtx 1080 gaming x

    90% sure im on the latest versions or at least i have responded to all my recent update prompts :confused: Im on RTSS which seems to be the current one. Guess i have to play with some settings.
  3. Darkleoco

    Battlefield V runnin 100-130 fps on ultra on Msi geforce gtx 1080 gaming x

    Gotta ask what is that sexy UI your running with all your temps and run speeds? Would love to get that instead of using the Afterburner one.
  4. Darkleoco

    Is Sandy Bridge Still viable ?

    Still running a 2600K now paired with a 1070 TI and unless your pushing for absolute optimal FPS trying to hold a steady 144 fps or something you will be just fine with a Sandy Bridge CPU. I'm not even overclocked right now and have no issues with modern games holding even 100 FPS for the most...
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    GPU prices spiking hard?

    I see the article speculates that the prices are going to stick around but if I recall this happened a few years back but the 10xx prices were still fairly normal upon release, would a new generation release start at normal pricing or should I just hope for someone to sell something interesting...
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    GPU prices spiking hard?

    Have been out of the game for awhile but is there some actual reason for 1060's hitting 1070 prices and 1070's going up to 700-800 on newegg and amazon? Last time I bought a 1070 I paid like 440 for an aftermarket card and I finally have chance to upgrade my GPU after selling my old 1070 and see...
  7. Darkleoco

    So how long did you get from you last build?

    2600K from fall 2011 still going strong but definitely way past due for a GPU upgrade.
  8. Darkleoco

    Forum upgrade complete

    Any chance we could get a darker skin? All the white at least for me is giving me a headache pretty quickly but I may just have sensitive eyes nowadays.
  9. Darkleoco

    Where did i get this fan.

    Beat me to it. I still have one of those sitting around in my junk box somewhere...
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    Is the GTX 1080 still relevant?

    Just get a 1080 and be happy with it. Getting a 1080 TI wouldn't really constitute future proofing anyway as the performance increase is so small relative to how much more you are spending. Saving that $250 and either putting it away for a new GPU down the road or even towards a second 1080...
  11. Darkleoco

    Diagnosing Ping spikes in League of Legends?

    So around a year ago i upgraded my internet from a 3mbs connection to a 10mbs connection and recently with no hardware changes I have been noticing a general ping spike while I am gaming whenever my mother opens nearly any webpage on her laptop. This issue did not occur when we were on a 3mbs...
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    iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8 ?

    As someone who had 3 early flagship androids and had nothing but trouble with them I'm hoping to get a pre-order iphone X as my iphone 6 plus has been the only phone that has lasted 2 years before starting to give me problems.
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    I've been using a corsair strafe rgb with cherry mx red silent keys and love it. Can't go wrong with it and if I am not mistaken it ticks all your boxes as well. A little peace and quiet when typing can sometimes go a long way, especially if you have people around you.
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    I redesigned GPU-Z using the Fluent Design Language

    Wouldn't matter to me if it was done in a manner similar to the OP. You seem like your just looking to complain about anything honestly. Do you fuss at people who do song covers, fan art, fan fiction? People these days are always looking for something to make an issue out of where none exists...
  15. Darkleoco

    I redesigned GPU-Z using the Fluent Design Language

    And? The OP clearly stated he was just interested in doing it out of curiosity with no intent to distribute or appropriate the IP or claim that his creation is anything but a what-if rendering of GPU-Z using modern language. Either complement or critique his work or just say nothing at all. I...