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    XPG Starker Air

    The XPG Starker Air is a compact ATX chassis with a magnetic metal front cover and a bit of added height for ceiling-based liquid cooling. Available in black or white, the XPG Starker Air takes the original and improves on it with better airflow while retaining all other attributes, including...
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    Montech Announces AIR 1000 PREMIUM, LITE, and SILENT Cases, Starting at $69.99

    https://www.techpowerup.com/review/montech-air-1000-lite/ it doesn't fit :) This is a pretty good, compact budget chassis though.
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    XPG Defender

    The XPG Defender uses the same body as the Pro variant, but ships with a metal mesh front and non-ARGB fans. More affordable thus, pricing aligns with what you get in regards to the I/O and 2.5" hard-drive mounting methods. You actually end up with a lot of case for the money, especially as an...
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    teenage engineering computer–1

    I think some of you guys are looking at this from a traditional point of view - while totally valid, it is def. not the point of this case. Imagine a designer boutique hotel lobby with two of these for their customers to use or an ad agency receptionist with that PC. It quite literally is a...
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    Quick Look: FlexiSpot EQ3 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

    Height-adjustable desks have come a long way since the days where you had to crank it up and down manually. The FlexiSpot EQ3 frame offers dual-electric motors along with four customizable settings and your choice of frame color and tabletop materials. Show full review
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    teenage engineering computer–1

    The teenage engineering computer-1 is not meant to be a detached chassis. Instead, with its unique flat-packed design and the need to bend and build it yourself, the result is a fused, single unit that provides the functionality you need, and after going through the whole experience of unpacking...
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    Wemax Go Portable ALPD Projector

    The Wemax Go is a portable projector using Laser as opposed to LED projection for an image of up to 100". While providing 540p resolution, it may be powered by something as simple as a power bank or classic USB-C phone charger and is extremely compact for added portability. Show full review
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    XPG Cruiser

    The Cruiser is a more affordable "Super Mid-Tower" chassis from XPG. Even so, it still offers that super-sized space and bulk, three retail-grade ARGB fans, and a refreshing focus on solid engineering on the outside and down-to-earth and useful functionality on the inside to ensure your build...
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    Wemax Nova Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector

    The Wemax Nova checks a whole slew of boxes. From 4K to Android TV, four potent speakers, and the fact that it is UST sporting a 5000 ANSI lumens light source, you are bound to end up with a projected image that is plenty bright as well—all aspects that should make it easy to ditch your classic...
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    InWin Airforce

    The InWin Airforce is the flat-packed vision of an ATX chassis from InWin. While available in a more subtle "Phantom Black," the colorful "Justice White" variant really brings home that modular aspect and results in a functional and spacious, albeit slightly simple chassis that could just be...
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    InWin Explorer

    The InWin Explorer comes flat-packed, requiring assembly, which makes for a unique unboxing and fun "hands-on" experience. Available in two equally unique color options, it is clearly not aimed at the traditional gamer, but may just be a memorable build for young teens gifted their first gaming...
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    SilverStone SETA Q1

    The SilverStone SETA Q1 features a uniquely shaped front panel that acts as a "sound maze" to reduce noise, while employing sound damping materials all around. With its big dimensions, it can hold large motherboards and all major air coolers, PSUs, or graphics cards without breaking a sweat, or...
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    Quick Look: Grandview Dynamique DY3 ALR Screen

    The Grandview Dynamique DY3 ALR screen comes in three sizes ranging from 80" to 120" and aims to bring the best out of your UST laser projector with its special fabric by ensuring surrounding lights do not interfere as much with the on-screen image. Show full review
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    Jackery Solar Generator 1000

    The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 combines the brand's popular Explorer 1000 and two SolarSaga 100-watt panels, allowing you to stay off the grid when on the road, all in a simple-to-manage, functional package. Show full review
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    Cooler Master NR200P

    The Cooler Master NR200P has already managed to make its mark, spawning the Max variant due to its success. With that, Cooler Master has released four consumer-voted color options of the NR200P to add that splash of extravagance to what turns out to be an already excellent ITX chassis. Show...