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    AMD Radeon RDNA2 680M iGPU Beats NVIDIA MX450 Discrete GPU

    That the problem with western review. They test nothing. When Chinese reviewer made benchmark of everything
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    AMD "Ryzen C7" Smartphone SoC Specifications Listed

    2 year laterstill fake
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    AMD Radeon "Navi 3x" Could See 50% Increase in Shaders, Double the Cache Memory

    It's literally the same specifications than the last time he just made a other tweet for like Website are desperate
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    AMD Posts November Investor Presentation

    Uhhh. Nothing news
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    Intel Ponte Vecchio Early Silicon Puts Out 45 TFLOPs FP32 at 1.37 GHz, Already Beats NVIDIA A100 and AMD MI100

    Mi300 announcements is near And availability before ponte vecchio With 70-75 tflops FP32 ....
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    GIGABYTE, AMD & Intel Confidential Documents Published Online

    Everyone downloaded that, even techpowerup nothing interesting in the leak , everything already leaked since few month
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    Intel "Sapphire Rapids" Xeon Processor Could Feature Up To 80 Cores: New Leak

    Its 56 core .... If i follow your Logic , ICL-SP is 56 core instead 40 And Skylake SP is 36 core not 28 ....
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    Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA GPU Destroys Competition, Apple 14 Bionic SoC Kneels

    Another just for saying https://www.techpowerup.com/266530/samsung-amd-radeon-gpu-for-smartphones-is-reportedly-beating-the-competition Why make the same article 10 month after ?
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    Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA GPU Destroys Competition, Apple 14 Bionic SoC Kneels

    Just for saying This score leaked in may 2020
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    A Christmas Miracle: 500,000 NVIDIA RTX 3080 Cards Found in Lost Shipping Container

    just google : spanish 28 december and you will understand this post
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    NVIDIA GeForce No Longer Company's Largest Revenue Source

    Not surprise with the turing fail Nvidia have loose so much money on turing gaming card
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    Intel Core i3-1115G4 Tiger Lake CPU Surfaces on SiSoftware Sporting An Incredible Base Clock

    Its 15W yes We have PL1-PL2-PL4 of Tiger Lake U and Y (2 core and 4 core) For Tiger Lake U 2 core 4 thread its tdp_pl1_override = 15, tdp_pl2_override = 38, tdp_pl4 = 71, But dont forget they can configure for higher or lower TDP
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    Bad Intel Quality Assurance Responsible for Apple-Intel Split?

    "citing former Intel principal engineer François Piednoël" Fake news so
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    Possible NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and "TITAN Ampere" Specs Surface

    Big navi compet with the 3090 Titan is for have performance crown