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  • So, looks like you have been also effected by the failure of northern, eastern and north-eastern power grid
    Did you?
    No translating into semi english is hard for me, like i writing in the post it will take me 2-3x more times to write it in hindi
    kya hua bhai? clubhouse mei atke ho?
    huh... I should talk in english because translating it into semi-english is very hard
    Huh Looks like you also like to watch dragon ball z but it is not on CN is it!
    Well i have the season 8 of DBZ and all episode of DBGT and 4 comics if DBAF what do you have
    What is your real name?
    de.das.dude i don't think this is your real name because if it is then this is weird!
    There is a Super Moderator from India and you are talking about Members well i was first on tomshardware but toms was boring so i joined TPU
    yara website to poori tarha active nahi hey. bta hey kitnay ka aur yaha ship hopayega?
    he2 i dunno maybe im kinda too emotional with relation
    but i guess its important that you need both of them to stand your relationship so thats why i feel thats kinda nice to put it on my signature
    :toast: :toast:
    hahaha i know what you mean. I must admit when I did first find the picture I thought it was fake but apparantly it isn't.
    HAHA yes it is :) obviously its not a tank though. But it does drive with the tracks. I shouldn't have credit for this photo though as I found it on the internet a few years ago and its still one of my favourites. From what I remember it was at a smart owners club meet or something like that.
    The price you see is the price you pay, afaik. But if you want to play really safe, use cash-on-delivery.
    There's no specific time. But if you're planning to buy, do it before 31st Dec. Hardware prices in India are about to go terribly wrong from Jan 1, 12:00 AM (20~35% hike across everything, to adjust with USD-INR inflation).
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