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  • as with the rest of the case, I used primer first mate, I also did the case with compresor and paintgun, but you can use spraycan no problem, just make sure it´s water based (acrilyc)
    Oh ok, I would have assumed that if you log in to GFWL with the gmail account, it would log in since you used a gmail acocunt.
    This is through the GFWL client which pops up when you load DiRT 3.
    Once it logs in a registers, there is a button within the GFWL console which should let you revoke the DiRT 3 key.
    The key should still be associated with your gmail account when you log in to GFWL.
    You deleted your gmail account without revoking the product key for DiRT 3 and you only just bought it today?!
    I don't see any possible way you could redeem your code then.
    At least you didn't pay full price for the game!
    As I mentioned, you will have to log in with the previous gmail account and then revoke to get your DiRT 3 key back, then you can get it registered with the new account.
    This seems to be the link
    But now for some reason they want people to register with the site to download the file.

    Wasn't like that when I downloaded the standalone 1.2 patch.
    ASRock is good stuff. I had one of their boards from a while back and it was easy to OC' and had tones of good features for a budget board.
    I dislike their bios most of the time, but I haven't dealt with any bad board personally. We use them exclusively at work but I personally prefer MSI. Better customer support and the prices are a bit better for boards with the same specs.
    ok, tell you what, your born on the same day as me, may 19th, and for that, i will send you a couple of modems i have here, one is brand new, other is a wifi few yrs old, both work fine, i will pay for postage,as a xmas present to you,lol,ok.
    im into karma man, thats all.sometimes its good to give back something to the world, dont know if that makes sense,?pm me an address to send it too, and i will do it tomorrow .regs david b in aus.
    hey das, im getting a new mobo in next 2 weeks, do you want my old one? its an asus p8z68 m pro, the sound chip isnt working[realtek ect] but everything else is , if you want it[for free,u pay postage] just pm me asap , thanx mediasorcerer.
    Cool. I fix mine. But, ok, your father fixes the PSUs, but he has got to admit, 250 watts is not enough muscle to power your computer. I'd say 380W is the minimum...w/o OC.
    Use the best excuses: "I need it, to help with my college work." "No computer, no good grades."
    Cool. A GS600! If I were to upgrade, I was thinking of a GS800. Excellent choice! Have fun OC'ing!
    What ever works for you, I guess. I'm sure you will find the cooler. That thing hasn't got any legs. Unless somebody, with sticky fingers, got near to your computer.
    Why did you remove it? I though it was just the thing needed to keep you chipset below melting point.
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