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    MSI 6800 XT Gaming X Trio: not a good buy

    Hello everyone, After pulling every trick in the book without compromising the integrity of the graphics card alone, including a full reformat, I can say with displeasure that a new card is in order. UNLESS: you have a solution based off of similar experiences. After receiving my MSI RX 6800...
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    Scalping Locust Swarm Takes Out Ryzen 5000 Inventory, Same Fate Awaits Radeon RX 6000

    I backordered the 5900X and, I tell you now, knew this was going to happen as well. After what happened to RTX 3000, I learnt my lesson and knew that if I didn't order the CPU on release day it will take several months to recover at minimum. Genuinely speaking, I wish there would be better...
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    AMD Super Res froze up Windows 10

    Windows would boot up with an enlarged screen (the "super" res) and then completely freeze up once it is fully loaded. I can't even move the mouse.
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    AMD Super Res froze up Windows 10

    I have a friend new to custom PCs that froze her PC (FX-6300, 700 series mobo, r9-270x) and now it no longer works. She told she tried the Super Resolution setting in Catalyst. Even I can't access it with her wireless keyboard so I have to use my wired one on the next visit. How can I fix it...
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    i7-7700k+RTX 2060/3060...Will it bottleneck?

    Hello Everyone, I have currently a GTX 1060 that is finally beginning to show it's age. Yet, I also have an interest in the new ray tracing features offered in games like Call Of Duty: MW (new one). Therefore, I felt it would be natural to consider a successor to my current GPU, such as the RTX...
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    New F@H Team Members Post Here First

    Hello everyone, I am beginning to protein fold again after being semi-retired on my system for a long time. As of now, a great friend of mine is going through the struggle of dealing with Huntington's Disease. As soon as I saw the option on F@H last week, I have taken it and even joined this...
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    Siberia Elite headset jack adaptor (3.5 headphone and mic jacks) frayed, need replacement

    Problem half-solved. Support had nothing so I had to strip the wire and hold the frayed points together with the help of some solder and some electric tape. Thanks for your efforts anyways.
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    Siberia Elite headset jack adaptor (3.5 headphone and mic jacks) frayed, need replacement

    Hello everyone, My brother has been biting my ear off all day over how he has lost sound on his headset, which is a Steelseries Elite. I was dragged over to his apartment to find that it was the two-jack headset adaptor frayed via the headphone jack being pulled out. Fortunately, none of the...
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    AMD Readies Radeon RX 490 for December?

    When will AMD just think "Ok, dual core is a bad idea, lets just stuff as many bloody transistors as possible"?
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    LF 2 Battlefield 4 Sqaud mates (PC)

    Full DLC requirement, full Skype availability between 8-11pm EST. Absence WILL be tolerated. Casual gaming is supported. Please provide Skype in PMs if you wish for a chat. Thank you. Deadlyraver
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    More Radeon R9 390X Specs Leak: Close to 70% Faster than R9 290X

    We will buy the 200 series GPUs till the end of next year anyway.
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    EVGA Announces Pro SLI Bridges V2

    *droooooooool * * * * * *
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    NSA Hides Spying Backdoors into Hard Drive Firmware

    NSA: A place that tries to reincarnate old ideas. Such as: Breaching people's privacy. Finding people's privacy. Storing people's privacy. AND Telling people they have privacy. I see democracy is still working for us.
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1.Gaming Pictured

    Mean looking cooler as always.