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    QNAP Unveils the QWA-AC2600 Wireless Adapter

    "The QWA-AC2600 wireless adapter can turn Ubuntu/Linux PCs or compatible QNAP NAS into wireless access points " This is far more than just a NIC. A standard desktop NIC cannot function effectively as a WAP.
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    FTC Gives Manufacturers 30 Days to Remove Warranty Void Stickers

    One thing I'm still not sure of: what about serial numbers? Say a product has a sticker with a serial number on (not located above a screwhole, as that runs afoul of the Magnusson-Moss Act), can the manufacturer claim voided warranty if it's removed?
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    Intel Scores Another Top AMD Exec - Chris Hook Confirmed to Join Company

    For those interested, here is an article on why non-competes are illegal in California: https://www.rhdtlaw.com/job-hopping-california-right/. And here is the relevant law section mentioned in the article...
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    NVIDIA TITAN V Lacks SLI or NVLink Support

    I don't really get most of the complaints in this thread. This is a V100 with a reduced memory bandwidth and priced at a 70% discount. What is the problem here? This isn't aimed at gamers in any way, and is instead designed to be a reduced-price card for those working with deep learning and AI...
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    EVGA Introduces Z370 Series Motherboards

    Most of the top 3DMark scores have been made using EVGA motherboards, so I'm not really seeing a problem with the vreg setup. I also have no idea what you mean about M.2s that don't accept SSDs; many companies include Key E slots that only accept WiFi cards or similar, but there are also Key M...
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    Crucial Announces the BX300 Solid-state Drive

    A 1TB 7200RPM HDD for my laptop only cost me $60; the same drive in an SSD is still well over $300. That's why people use a small SSD for boot, in my case 250GB, and a larger HDD. Hell, I've bought 6TB HDDs for less than $300. Once the prices come down more they'll be more common, but for now...
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    Intel Further Delivers on Storage Transformation with New SSD Form Factor

    That's the point. It's designed to be the length of a 1u rack to maximize available size.
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    AMD Publishes List of Threadripper Compatible Coolers

    There don't appear to be any 120mm rad coolers listed on the approved list.
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    FSP Announces Hydro PTM Series 80 Plus Platinum Power Supplies

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    AMD RX Vega First Pricing Information Leaked in Sweden - "Feels Wrong"

    This is correct. A large majority of 1080s will boost themselves to 1900+ without any overclocking at all, thanks to GPU Boost 3.0. I put a 1080 FTW2 in a client's system, and without any changes it was running at 2000 while in Superposition.
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    François Piednoël Quits Intel

    For those saying he had to sign a non-compete contract and won't be able to work for any other company, that may not be the case. In California, non-competes are completely unenforceable. Here's a good article on what is and isn't allowed...