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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 'Miramar' Desert Map Has Been Revealed

    This game is so CPU bad optimized... jesus christ! If you have a mid-end i5 or i7 it will get bottlenecked.
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    Underside of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pictured

    That what she said :peace:
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    Black Ops III: 12 GB RAM and GTX 980 Ti Not Enough

    GOD help us when Candy Crush will need 12GB or more of RAM/VRAM (they just aquired the company behind the game)
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    Black Ops III: 12 GB RAM and GTX 980 Ti Not Enough

    stupid console port =]]
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    EK Releases Full-coverage Water Block for Intel 750 Series PCIe SSD

    Lumia 950 and 950 XL have some kind of Liquid Cooling for their CPU :)
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    Samsung Announces the 950 PRO Consumer M.2 PCIe SSD

    and it also looks stylish.. that's a radiator i see there?
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    ASUS Announces STRIX Series Sound Cards

    i hope real 7.1 and not driven with drivers.
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    HyperX Releases HyperX FURY DDR4 Kits of Two for Intel Skylake Platform

    so much marketing for nothing. all the other ddr4 modules out there already are compatible with skylake...
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    Windows 10 Gaming Gear

    Nobody answers on their ticket support.
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    Windows 10 Gaming Gear

    I can't. Sensei Mouse isn't on v3, only on v2.. it is so troublesome.. On v3 i have only my Siberia Elite Prism headset. I think i will sell them and move to razer. At least their support is better.
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    Intel Core "Skylake" Retail Boxes Surprisingly Colorful

    well.. i do not use a dedicated gpu and i don't play angry birds.. i watch 4k videos and just finished assassin's creed black flag on my igpu.. was having 35fps-40fps at full hd medium details..so mneh...
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    Intel Core "Skylake" Retail Boxes Surprisingly Colorful

    waiting for Skylake with iris pro integrated graphics.. that HD530 is... bullshit.
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    Windows 10 Gaming Gear

    Engine 2 still doesn't work.. the same as win 8.1 ... not responding.. or can't initialize.
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    DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 NOW - Upgrade and ISO direct from microsoft

    Do you guys like how win10 looks? I mean the entire interface.. The windows, the icons and so on.. I think they look so damn old.. :( win7 and 8.1 were more stylish..