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    EVGA NU Audio Sound Card Unboxing & Preview

    $250 is going to make it a very niche product.
  2. diatribe

    Cooler Master Announces V Platinum and XG Gold Advanced Power Supplies

    Looks like a Delta design. That would be awesome if it is.
  3. diatribe

    New INNO3D GeForce RTX 2060 Twin X2 Enters the RTX Family

    What's the deal with the huge cutouts for tiny fans?
  4. diatribe

    GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard Launched

    $900 at Newegg!? That seems excessive.
  5. diatribe

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    Work Year = ~ 2,080 work hours 10,000 * 2,080 = 10,000 work years OR 20,800,000 hours.
  6. diatribe

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    The market can't self-regulate Monopolies or Oligopolies than conspire to price fix.
  7. diatribe

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    Well that's what happens when you have a monopoly. I say the government needs to step in a chop nVidia into multiple companies like they have in the past with other monopolies.
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    Intel Core X 9000-series Skylake-X Refresh Processors Formally Launched

    There is a sub-$1,000 CPU with 44 PCIE lanes now. The Core i7-9800X at $589.
  9. diatribe

    Antec Presents Futuristic Angular-Frame Open-Air Chassis

    I can see the motorcycle influence for sure. I like it because it's design is outside of the norm. Of course some people will think it's ugly and some will love it. That's why manufactures rarely stray much from the mainstream.
  10. diatribe

    AMD Athlon 200GE 3.2 GHz

    I bought one March 1st for $61.99 from Newegg.
  11. diatribe

    PC Shipments Were Flat in Q3 2018, and That's Good News. Also: Microsoft Surpasses Acer in the US

    Isn't Intel's largest market in the server/commercial market?
  12. diatribe

    ASUS DDR4 "Double Capacity DIMM" Form-factor a Workaround to Low DRAM Chip Densities

    Given the design of most modern computer cases, this may be a good idea. Most motherboard mounts have a large hole around the back of the CPU which would allow easy access.
  13. diatribe

    Chrome 69 Adds Forced Login, Threatens Privacy: How to Fix it

    I use a dedicated work account with Chrome at work and my personal account when at home. Just keep the two account separated.
  14. diatribe

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti PCI-Express Scaling

    Not true at all. As of nVidia's latest driver, 411.63, there are still SLI optimizations being released. The following games are specified in the release notes: HOB Lake Ridden NieR:Automata Northgard Pure Farming 2018 Raid: World War II Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) TT Isle of Man