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    Intel to Kill off The "Extreme Edition" Brand Extension

    They've segmented their product line so much that it's hard to make sense of for most people. Remember when there were 3-4 options, generally based off of clock speed? I'd like to see Intel get back to basics and greatly limit their product variations.
  2. diatribe

    Extremely cheap GPU from Aliexpress for $43 - GTX750 1GB DDR5 review

    What you bought was a scam (obviously). They modded the BIOS on a 550ti and changed the name to 1050. The 550ti is a Kepler generation GPU and at least 6 years old. Performance is lower than any new Pascal cards except the 1030 with DDR4. Basically you got the equivalent of integrated...
  3. diatribe

    Core i7-8700K Overclocked to 7.34 GHz (3c/3t) on Z270 Chipset, Bags SuperPi Record

    How does it compare to Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra? Does it make a difference for sub-ambient cooling?
  4. diatribe

    Cougar Intros Vortex RGB HPB 120 Fans

    Many of the RGB fans have a thicker frame to allow room for the LEDs. It can have a significant negative impact on the fans overall performance.
  5. diatribe

    SilentiumPC Expands Armis Case Series with Mid-Range AR3 Models

    Those are very good prices. It should sell well.
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    Thermaltake Intros Engine 17 "All Metal" Low-profile CPU Cooler

    Didn't Cooler Master have one of these in prototype a couple of years ago? CoolChip at CES 2015
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    AMD Marries Cooler Master for Wraith Ripper: Threadripper 2-Designed Mega Cooler

    Wow. Are there any other CPU coolers with 8 heatpipes on the market?
  8. diatribe

    Cooler Master Expands V Series Platinum Power Supply Family

    If they are built by Seasonic like my V1000 then they will be great. Otherwise run away, Cooler Master support is the worst in the industry.
  9. diatribe

    RIOTORO Showcases Builder Edition PSU, Quiet Storm RGB Fans at COMPUTEX 2018

    This is the first time I've seen someone attempt to copy the NB eLoop fan blade.
  10. diatribe

    ADATA Unveils XPG Gammix D50 Line of Performance-segment DDR4 Memory

    This is pretty impressive.
  11. diatribe

    EVGA Shows Off SuperNova G+ Series High-Wattage PSUs

    Doesn't 2,000 watts pull more amperage than what the standard US 120V wall socket can provide?
  12. diatribe

    MonsterLabo Presents 'The First' SFF PC Case at Computex 2018

    I like this from a conceptual standpoint. It would be a true silent or near silent build.
  13. diatribe

    GALAX Also Shows Off Three New SSDs

    I love the white PCB's used by GALAX in their HOF line. I wish more manufacturers gave us that option.
  14. diatribe

    Intel Announces Core i7-8086K Limited Edition Six-core Processor

    The Intel sweepstakes rules state that the CPU's ARV is $425 USD.