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    Seagate: Firecuda 530 First PS5-Compatible SSD, $275 for 1 TB

    Still a better deal than Steam Deck’s $250 premium for measly 500GB storage
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    be quiet! Launches Dark Rock TF 2: High-end Cooling with Top-flow Design

    Looks like a great match for NR200
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    New World (Closed Beta), an MMO, Found Bricking GeForce RTX 3090 Graphics Cards

    It’s mostly evga cards that’s dying due to insane stock voltage at full load. Avoid evga cards!
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    Intel Core i9-12900K Allegedly Beats AMD Ryzen 9 5950X at Cinebench R20

    Lost to little cores nonetheless. It’s game over with Raptor Lake.
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    Valve Steam Deck SoC Detailed: AMD Brings Zen2 and RDNA2 to the Table

    Another flop from Valve. Their contribution to PC gaming is zip thus far.
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    Surface Pro X with Windows 11 Shown Running Microsoft-branded Qualcomm Arm SoC

    Qualcomm doesn’t have the vision to scale up to higher wattage like Apple does. Just give ARM to Nvidia already FFS.
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    Samsung Teases PCIe 5.0 Enterprise SSD Coming Q2 2022

    Feels like most companies halfassed their PCIe 4.0 drives in favor for 5.0.
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    Microsoft Seemingly Looking to Develop AI-based Upscaling Tech via DirectML

    AI is better than any algorithms ala FSR. This is the way.
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    Intel Regains CPU Market Share that it lost to AMD, Latest Steam Hardware Survey

    doesn’t help that Zen3 is overpriced and the rebranded Skylakes are a better value now. AMD practically betrayed their fans over a “5% faster in gaming” advantage.
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    Intel Books Two 3 nm Processor Orders at TSMC Manufacturing Facilities

    and none of that has anything to do with 3nm. Reports are saying that Apple and Intel will gobble up most of TSMC's 3nm.
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    Intel Books Two 3 nm Processor Orders at TSMC Manufacturing Facilities

    Insecure fanboys will hate this! TSMC's big 3 customers will be Apple, Intel and Qualcomm. Everyone else will either have to settle with inferior nodes or beg for leftover craps. I can see Nvidia staying with Samsung for many years to come.
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    NVIDIA Working on Ultra Quality Mode for DLSS Upscaling

    The power of using AI versus spray n pray algorithm. FSR isn’t even competing at all!
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    AMD FSR FidelityFX Super Resolution is Coming to Xbox Consoles

    Now they can cheat "4k 120Hz" with even worse image quality.
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    3DMark Updated with New CPU Benchmarks for Gamers and Overclockers

    So just as useless as Cinebench