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    Clues Gather Regarding Possible New AMD Polaris (Re)Revision Launch

    If AMD can make a product similar to the RX580, with 10%+ of performance and shave a few dozen watts for 249$, that might get some success in the market today for those not wanting 2nd hand Pascal\Polaris for very attractive prices.
  2. dj-electric

    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull "Kill Switch"

    HardOCP generating drama again?
  3. dj-electric

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    This thread fell asleep. Waky waky
  4. dj-electric

    RTX 2080 memory bandwidth issue

    Not a dime (media), but thanks for the care.
  5. dj-electric

    RTX 2080 memory bandwidth issue

    Memory bandwidth throughput is memory bandwidth throughput. It does not need calculations, multiplier or anything else. Never did. I just put it here so w1zz could fix it. That's all. Basically what @Assimilator said
  6. dj-electric

    RTX 2080 memory bandwidth issue

    Hi w1z, seems like this RTX 2080 turned into an 8800GT :P
  7. dj-electric

    Intel to Move Select Chipset Fabrication Back to 22nm in Wake of 14 nm Silicon Constraints

    Agree. Time to close all factories and call it a day. Intel can't even make profit anymore. They're done.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    Great performance, not for that terrible price
  9. dj-electric

    Toshiba Memory and Western Digital Celebrate the Opening of Fab 6

    This is rich. I'm feeling to risk a forum ban just to express my opinion on this, but ill behave and tell you that these DIMMs are just pulled from possibly Toshiba laptops. You can clearly see the stickers and icons on the chips pointing to micron, samsung and hynix as manufacturers.
  10. dj-electric

    Toshiba Memory and Western Digital Celebrate the Opening of Fab 6

    Why half it, they can just give it to us for free..
  11. dj-electric

    Welcome some new, and some old, moderators to TPU!

    Gratz to those who chose to sacrifice :P :toast:
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    AMD Readying a 10-core AM4 Processor to Thwart Core i9-9900K?

    There comes a point where adding more cores isn't the solution to the problem, because the problem wasn't "not enough cores".
  13. dj-electric

    NVIDIA Segregates Turing GPUs; Factory Overclocking Forbidden on the Cheaper Variant

    I'm afraid this has something to do with their AI overclocking. Gonna test it with my third-party MSI card and see what happens.
  14. dj-electric

    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    I have a new winner: MSI did an absolutely incredible job designing their RTX cards.