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    Crytek Reveals New CRYENGINE Royalty-Based User Model

    This month, in "Crytek is using other's business model to survive"
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    CD Projekt Red Opens Wroclaw Studio to Help Develop Cyberpunk 2077

    The "please don't screw this up" is immensely high with this one. I really hope that they will get some synthwave extraordinaires for the ost such as pert, brut and others
  3. dj-electric

    Thoughts on adding downvote capability?

    Not a huge fan of any comment rating system of any kind actually. I don't like like-whoring, nor downvote fanatics. We're all here to inform and get informed, consume information and celebrate science and technology. Spam and toxicity should be treated by a normal set of rules. Warnings, mutes...
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    Samsung Introduces High-Density 6Gbps SATA SSD and 16Gb-64GB DDR4 RDIMM

    If it makes you feel a little better, you can also buy 3X2TB MX500 drives with that amount...
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    Futuremark Showcases DirectX Raytracing Demo, Teases Upcoming 3D Benchmark Test

    Ray tracing is unavoidably the next step in photo-realistic 3D graphics. We've been promised to that RT would become a norm a long, long time ago (since HD5000 \ GTX 400 era). RT can be done right and look insanely realistic. Unreal Engine's post renders are good examples. Now, it would be...
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    Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530

    Yes, usually for general gaming different users would prefer different molds \ weights.
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    Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC Motherboard Pictured

    That looks like a hell of a power delivery system. I would like to see what kind of experiments can be done with this board
  8. dj-electric

    Nimbus Data Launches Their 100TB ExaDrive DC100 SSD

    What humanity is capable of vs real life of ssd market
  9. dj-electric

    Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530

    Luckily, as you may know, CM is pushing their new stuff pretty hard right now. I will have a chance with the MM530 soon and hopefully it might deliver better experience for me. A good start would be non squishy FW and back buttons on the side, like in the unfortunate case of the Revenger S. IMO...
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    ASRock Releases a Teaser of Their Upcoming Phantom Gaming Graphics Cards Series

    Could have been a GTX 1080 oh wait...
  11. dj-electric

    Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530

    If this mouse would have been out of the box sub 90g, i might think of it as a good option for competitive gaming. Currently using the Cougar Revenger S, witch sets the standard pretty damn high, but it is a little bit small in my hand.
  12. dj-electric

    ASUS ROG X470 Motherboard Shows Up Out of Nowhere

    I'm with those who say "more mATX". Most home users these days can do absolutely fine with an mATX board and matching case, and that includes those enthusiasts who will combine a 2700X and something like a GTX 1070+
  13. dj-electric

    ASRock Releases a Teaser of Their Upcoming Phantom Gaming Graphics Cards Series

    unpopular opinion passing through - looks like a cheap TUL-like solution for companies with no actual cooler R&D solution
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    Power Outage at Samsung NAND Flash Plant Cuts March Global Output by 3.5%

    Oh here we go again with these... Yeeeesh
  15. dj-electric

    Raspberry Pi Foundation Announces New, Pi 3 B+ Model - Same Price, Better Features

    USB3, 2GB LPDDR3, +20% CPU power and ill buy for life. I know its hard for 35$... well, not really. What am i saying. I'll keep waiting