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    ASRock DeskMini A300 (Ryzen 5 2400G)

    I like the review, I've been considering one of these to replace my htpc and this is perfect. Does anyone know if it will support Ryzen 3000 Apus when they get released?
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    is xiaomi reliable?

    Had a Xiaomi redmi note 4 32gb for about 2 years. Excellent phone build quality is great you wouldnt think it cost £100 delivered. My son even threw it in the paddling pool last summer and after being dead for a couple of days it came back to life on it's own and still works perfectly. All 4G...
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    Razer Supercharges Windows Laptops and MacBooks with the New Core X Chroma

    £400! I would like one of these but wish someone would release a £70 ish variant. I don't know why these things are so expensive, all I want is a metal box with a PCI to thunderbolt connector, I can provide the PSU and GPU. Considering entire pc cases are freely available for £30 I don't see why...
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    Streacom Announces the BC1 Mini Chassis

    looks great I'd be interested in getting one
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    Noctua Introduces New A-series Fans and Accessories

    I've bought a lot of different fans over the years, and in my experience Noctua are the best by far. The noise quality produced is far than any other fan I've used and they push a decent amount of air. I for one dont care what they look like, but I do care about how they sound and how much air...
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    How Often Do You Clean Your PC?

    I run a hugely positive pressure system so find the fan filters get clogged but inside stays pretty clean. Dont think I've cleaned it internally for a about a year and it still looks ok - you can see some fine bits of dust but not enough for me to waste time cleaning it. I take the fan filters...
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    Just how long is a PSU expected to last?

    How long is a piece of string? Had my Antec Truepower TP750 for what must be about 8 years now. Still going strong so I don't see any reason to spend another ~£100 on a replacement. Changing your PSU after 3 years is a waste of money IMO unless there is a problem with it, better to spend the £...
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    Akitio Announces the Node Lite Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure

    design = tick functionality = tick price = that's a lot for a metal box with a few connectors
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    No Windows 7 Drivers for AMD Ryzen

    Ha I also work in the insurance industry and this is very true - even upgrading from xp to win7 was purely due to it no longer being supported, so probably had to from a audit point of view. The problem is that investment in IT systems and its benefit is hard to quantify in money making terms...
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    NVIDIA Readies Two GeForce GTX 1050 Variants

    I'd like a low profile version, but vendors don't seem interested in that standard any more :(
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    Noctua Unveils a Prototype 120 mm Slim Fan

    No but my point was they have shown the slim 120mm fan for 3 years in a row and not actually released it for sale, and I predict they still wont by next year, but hope to be proven wrong
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    Noctua Unveils a Prototype 120 mm Slim Fan

    I'm sorry for the late reply but having just seen this I wanted to post these links to their computex press releases, also this slim fan is still not available to buy, guarantee the same stuff rolls out at computex 2017 haha http://noctua.at/en/noctua-at-computex-2015...
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    Noctua Unveils a Prototype 120 mm Slim Fan

    This is becoming ridiculus, Noctua have now shown the exact same products at Computex for 3 years running now. What a yawn fest they have become.
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    Akasa Intros its First Mini-STX Chassis

    this combined with a next-gen APU is a pretty good combo