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  1. DR.Death

    Your PC ATM

    it has been upgraded once again
  2. DR.Death

    No signal from computer to my monitor???

    mine was with the card and the motherboard just not liking it try all the confection mother board power then try swapping out another psu is that dose not work and if that still dose not work try the card in a diffident computer
  3. DR.Death

    [Case Gallery] death machine 2

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: dfi lanparty ut rdx200 ,amd fx55 , ati 3870 x2 pcie GB , ocz platinum 2 gb , segate 500 GB , wd blue 1tb drive ,dvd burner and cd burner,antec earth whats 650w psu, creative sounblaster live 5.1 and all in a lian- li pc-a70 Mods: added a scythe...
  4. DR.Death

    price check

    wow old tech sucks ...lol
  5. DR.Death

    price check

    om my old p4 rig it may be time to part with it if i can get what i want for it here is the rig http://www.techpowerup.com/gallery/967.html
  6. DR.Death

    Fan Blade Removal

    in the back under the sticker on the shaft is a little plastic ring pop that off and out it will come no damage done here is a link for it http://prodmod.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/take-apart-that-pc-fan-see-whats-inside-brushless-dc-motor/
  7. DR.Death

    Your PC ATM

    yep the old computer cases that i panted it works rather well also
  8. DR.Death

    Your PC ATM

    its my power hungry corner ... i would rather a whole room with some major ac or freezer coil and a nice work space
  9. DR.Death

    Your PC ATM

    here is my rig yet again and here is my whole setup
  10. DR.Death

    cant get new gfx card to work

    it may just be the board i had a 3870x2 that would work in every thing but mine but another 3870x2 worked fine it may just be the card conflicting with the board
  11. DR.Death

    Your PC ATM

    have to show u guys my getto mod for my p4 heat sink bracket thats held on by bolts because i killed the clips for it
  12. DR.Death

    High-end air?

    yes because the rad can only give off so much heat to the sounding air
  13. DR.Death

    sony mp3 or sandisk sansa ?

    on mine i have a sandisk e260 it has a whole equalizer
  14. DR.Death

    sony mp3 or sandisk sansa ?

    why not buy the sandisk fuze its more but its a better all round player they play movies and so on http://www.sandisk.ca/Products/Item(2615)-SDMX14R-008GS-A70-SanDisk_Sansa_Fuze_MP3_Player_8GB__Silver.aspx
  15. DR.Death

    3650 agp or 8500 gt pci e

    ya my 3650 is faster but now i can use my dfi lanparty rdx200 cf-dr and my 3200+ wile i wait for my amd 6000 and my 3870x2 ...lol